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10 Items You Need in Your Survival Kit

10 Items You Need in Your Survival Kit

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Whether you’re an outdoor adventure enthusiast, or merely concerned about emergency preparedness, having a fully-stocked survival kit will help you keep your peace of mind, no matter the situation. Whether you’re prone to underpacking or overpacking, having a guide for the essentials will make for a stress-free survival kit packing experience. Check out our top 10 items you need in your survival kit. 


1. Flashlight

One of the first essentials everyone should have in their survival kit is a flashlight. If your outdoor adventure extends beyond daylight hours, or if you’re experiencing a power outage, having a flashlight will help keep you safe. We also recommend keeping a few extra batteries in your survival kit as well, just in case your flashlight runs out of power.


2. First Aid Kit

First aid kits have a place in any survival kit. Depending on the designated purpose for your survival kit, you may want a more extensive first aid kit. If your kit is being used for emergency preparedness purposes, you will want a bigger first aid kit. Ensure it includes plenty of bandages, disinfectant, a topical antibiotic, and some Tylenol.


3. Silicone Ring

Silicone rings are a perfect addition to any survival kit. Instead of wearing your expensive engagement rings and wedding bands while you’re on an outdoor adventure, a silicone ring is an excellent replacement, especially if you were to find yourself in an emergency. You won’t have to worry about your wedding ring falling off or getting lost. Groove Life offers a wide selection of silicone rings that will make a stylish, comfortable addition to any survival kit. 


4. Hand-Cranked Radio

A hand-cranked radio is a great tool to keep in your survival kit for several reasons. In case of an emergency, a hand-cranked radio will help you stay informed in the case of power outages. And since the radio is hand-cranked, you won’t have to worry about it running out of batteries. 


5. Sanitation and Hygiene Items

Sanitation and hygiene items will help keep you comfortable during your adventures or emergencies. Baby wipes can be used to wipe down your skin after a particularly dirtyday. Hand sanitizer can be used to clean your hands before you eat meals. Lotion, socks, combs, toothpaste, and toothbrushes should all have a place in your survival kit. 


6. Plastic Water Bottle and Extra Water

Plastic water bottles can be used to sterilize water in emergency situations. When the sun passes through the plastic, it will work to kill the harmful bacteria that might be in the water. A couple of plastic water bottles should be kept in your survival kit, just in case. 


7. Multipurpose Tool

A multipurpose tool is a compact, portable device that has several different extensions that can all fold inside itself, similar to a regular pocket knife. It's a screwdriver, pliers, scissors, saw blade, and pocket knife all in one. With such a broad range of uses, a multi-tool is perfect for every survival kit. 


8. Maps Of the Local Area

If you’re out hiking and get lost, or you’re in a situation where your electronic GPS has run out of power or doesn’t have service, having paper maps of the local area can be a lifesaver. It’s a good idea to keep a compass in your survival kit along with your maps. 


9. Copies of Personal Documents

Having copies of your personal documents is especially important if you are packing a survival kit intended for emergency situations. It can also be good to have a form of identification in your outdoor adventure survival kit as well. This way, if you get hurt or become unconscious, there would be a way for passers-by to identify you and get you the help that you need. 

Keeping copies of your personal documents in a Groove Life wallet will help keep your documents protected and safe. Groove Life wallets are sleek and durable and are intended to withstand any adventure. 


10. Extra Cash

Extra cash is going to be essential for all survival kits. In any emergency, having extra money on hand is going to give you a sense of comfort, and will help you make the most of an unideal situation. 

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