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12 Fun Experiences to Gift This Christmas

12 Fun Experiences to Gift This Christmas

Posted by Starla Gunter on

As we near the holidays, maybe you’re finding yourself struggling to find the perfect gifts for everyone, especially that one person who seems to have it all.

Well, experience gifts are becoming more and more popular. While they’re not something you can wrap or place under the tree, they are still a unique way to give a fun, new experience to a loved one. Maybe it’s even something you can experience with them! These gifts are sure to be the most memorable, so check out some of our favorite options below and consider gifting these this Christmas.

And if you’re a procrastinator, no need to wait on shipping for these!


1. MasterClass Membership

Learn new skills from some of the best. MasterClass houses tons of classes taught by masters in various fields. Get cooking with Gordon Ramsey, learn basketball technique with Steph Curry, or learn business strategy and leadership from the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger. You’ll learn something new while becoming a master-in-training in any field you choose! With one of these yearly memberships, you’ll have unlimited access to over 100 classes, with new options being added every month.


2. Murder Mystery Game

Know someone who’s a true crime fan? Give them a hands-on experience with one of these murder mystery games. Each box has a different theme and includes puzzles, evidence, and clues for you to sort through, unlocking new information and leading you closer to solving the mystery. This will be a blast for anyone who loves true crime shows, movies, and books, and wants to put their critical crime-solving skills to the true test.


3. Spa Day

Who doesn’t need a little extra relaxation after a long hard year? Give the gift of relaxation with a gift card to a local spa. The recipient can choose which spa treatment they desire most, whether it’s a facial, massage, pedicure, or combo of multiple treatments. They’ll be drunk on relaxation as they leave and grateful for the gift of the R&R they didn’t know they needed so badly.


4. Fitness Class Gift Card

For the family member or friend who loves to work out, this is the perfect gift to help them stay active while giving them the variety they’ve been desperately wanting. A ClassPass gift card lets you use credits toward fitness classes, salons, and spas. So whether your loved one is looking to spice up their exercise routine or needs some extra post-workout care, this is the gift for them.


5. Indoor Skydiving

Experience what it’s like to skydive without having to jump out of an airplane 14,000 feet in the air. With iFly's state-of-the-art wind tunnels, you’ll get the same sensation as skydiving outdoors, with one-on-one flight instruction. An added bonus is that whoever joins you can watch from outside the wind tunnel and you’ll all receive souvenir photos documenting your adventure. Purchase a gift card now here and get flying!


6. Meal Subscription Kit

Tired of making the same old recipes or throwing out all of the extra produce you didn’t get a chance to use before it went bad? Meal kits provide everything you need to make easy, delicious meals right from home. You can select from a variety of recipes to suit your dietary needs, choose how many serving sizes you want, and how often you want to receive your meals. Best of all, you get just enough of each ingredient for the recipes you make. Plus, you’ll feel like a gourmet chef with these fancy-looking, fail-proof meals. Purchase a gift card now for the aspiring or seasoned cook in your life!


7. National Parks Annual Pass

The adventurer in your life will love this all-access pass to more than 2,000 National Parks and sites across the United States. The best part is that the pass gives access for one car and all of its passengers, rather than requiring one pass per person. So buddy-up with your favorite adventure pal or your family and get cruising to your favorite National Parks in the year to come. You’re sure to come back with plenty of memories and breathtaking photos!


8. Cooking Class

Whether your favorite cook is wanting to improve their baking skills, or wants to learn how to whip up an impressive three-course meal for your next family gathering, get them a gift card for a local cooking class! Sur La Table is a great option, offering classes nationwide. These classes will not only teach you tips and tricks to use in the kitchen, but will give you a hands-on experience, allowing you to see just how easy it is to recreate fancy meals in your own kitchen. Choose a menu or theme that most interests your recipient or give them a gift card to use toward their next cooking class. They’ll not only have fun creating a wonderful meal, but will get to enjoy it as well as a reward for their effort! 


9. Tickets to a Sporting Event

When it comes to sporting events, more often than not, we find ourselves watching at home to avoid the crowds or paying astronomical prices. But what if someone gifted you tickets to cheer on your favorite team? We’d say that’s something that can’t be turned down! Whether your favorite sports fan loves football, hockey, baseball, or basketball, there are plenty of opportunities coming up in the new year for them to attend a game in-person where they'll be sure not to miss a single second of the action. Best of all, they might even invite you to join them as a thank you for the thoughtful gift. Score!


10. Coffee Subscription

The caffeine lover in your life will never have to worry where their next cup of coffee will come from with the gift of a coffee subscription. Choose between a 3-, 6-, or 9-month coffee subscription plan that’ll have fresh, gourmet delivered right to their doorstep. These subscriptions can be found online or through your favorite local coffee shop. Some even allow you to choose a themed tasting, such as coffee and chocolate, coffee around the world, and more!


11. Cameo Celebrity Messages

Send a personalized message from your recipient’s favorite celebrity as a fun way to express love and gratitude toward them this season. Your friend or family member will be smiling ear to ear as they see their favorite star greet them personally with a message just for them. With over a thousand celebrities to choose from, you won’t have a hard time finding one that is just perfect for that special someone.


12. Escape Room

Looking for something the whole family or your group of friends can be a part of too? Escape rooms are all the rage! Put your heads together to solve clues, riddles, and puzzles and try to escape as a team with time to spare. With various themes from prison breaks to art gallery heists to playgrounds, there’s something in it for everyone, and each person will have a chance to play their part in solving the mystery. Google "Escape Games" in your city to book an experience, or buy a gift card for the mystery-lover in your life.

If you’re anything like us and have found yourself looking around at all of your STUFF, try one of these fun experience gifts you won't have to worry about finding room for among all of your other presents.

There’s only a few days left until the big day, so get shopping today!

Happy Holidays from Groove Life®!

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