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20 Questions about Your Ring Size

20 Questions about Your Ring Size

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

What is my ring size?
There are three easy ways to find your ring size on the Groove Life website: Take a Quiz, use our App, or print out our ring sizing cheat sheet. You can discover your ring size by measuring the circumference of your finger. Wrap a string around the finger, mark where the ends meet, and then lay it flat next to a ruler to measure the length in inches. Your ring size should land somewhere between 2 and 3 inches, including a possible fraction, like 2 ¼. You can then translate that number on a ring sizing chart. Most ring sizes land between the numbers 4 to 14. Skinny fingers will range from 4 to 6 and bulky fingers will range from 12 to 14. You can find a ring sizing chart on the Groove Life website, or by clicking here.

How do I find my ring size?
If you do not know your ring size, you can take our ring sizing quiz HERE. There are three easy ways to find your ring size on our Silicone Ring Sizing Guide Page, where you’ll find access to our app, our cheat sheet, and our quiz. If you own a Groove Ring®, you can find your ring size by looking on the inside of your Groove Ring®. Find the “Groove” logo on the interior of your ring, your size number will be directly opposite the logo. Look for a clear number like a 7 or 12, depending on your size. Many local jewelers can also accurately size your finger.

Are men’s ring sizes different from women’s?
Men’s ring sizes are not different from women’s ring sizes. The scale for ring sizes is the same for both men and women. If a ring for men comes in a size 9, then the woman’s ring also comes in the same size 9.

Where can I find a printable ring sizing chart?
You can find a printable ring size chart on the Groove Life website HERE. We call it a measurement cheat sheet. Once printed out, you can use the chart to find your ring size by cutting out our paper ring sizer. Enjoy!

How can I measure my ring size on my phone?
You can easily measure your ring size with our app. Download the Groove Life app, open the app, look at the bottom of the screen for the ”sizer” button. Click on the button and on the top of the screen place a current ring you own on the chart and adjust the size until it fits in the inner circle of your ring. The app will automatically highlight your correct ring size.

When is the best time to measure my ring size?
Assuming you work with your hands all day, the best time to measure your ring size will be in the afternoon when your hand and fingers are more likely to swell a bit more. The size of your finger will fluctuate throughout the day depending on the weather, or how often your hands are in contact with elements like water. Measuring in the afternoon will ensure you find a comfortable ring size for your finger.

Is my ring size measured in inches or centimeters?
Ring sizes are measured in and converted from inches. However, if you have a measurement in centimeters or millimeters, you can easily convert those measurements to inches with our chart and find an accurate ring size.

What is the size of my ring?
If you currently have a metal ring and do not know the size, you can use our app to measure the size of the ring. If you currently have a Groove Ring®, your size is automatically listed on the interior of your ring. The size number is listed directly opposite of the Groove logo on the inside of your ring.

What if my ring size falls on a half size? Like 8.5?
If your ring size falls to a half size like an 8 ½, we recommend choosing the next size down in a silicone Groove Ring®®. Because, over time, a silicone ring will relax and soften.

Is the size of my silicone ring the same as the size of my metal ring?
Yes, the size of silicone rings are based on the same size as metal rings, however, since silicone rings will relax over time, you may want to purchase a Groove Ring® one size smaller than your metal ring. But overall, both rings are measured on the same scale. 

What is a common ring size for men?
The most common ring sizes for men are 9, 10, 11, and 12. Men’s rings come in sizes ranging from 4 to 14, so be sure to get the one that fits you best. 

Do I measure my ring size by the diameter or circumference?
You should measure your ring size based on the circumference of your finger, not the diameter. Circumference is the length of one complete 'lap' around a circle, and diameter is the length of the line segment that cuts a circle in half. Since you can’t go through your finger, probably better to just go around. Grab our printable ring sizing page, cut out the sizer, wrap it around your finger and check out your ring size.

Are UK ring sizes different from American ring sizes?
Yes, ring sizes in the UK (England) are different from American ring sizes. In England, along with the rest of Europe, they use a lettering system to measure rings, not numbers. So if you have a size 8 ring in America then your ring size in Great Britain is the letter P. And you may start driving on the opposite side of the road if you buy a ring from England. Better to stick with Uncle Sam.

Is my ring size the same as my shoe size?
No, your ring size is not the same as your shoe size, even though the numbers may be similar. Ring sizes come in the same number range–8, 9, 10, 11–but the numbers refer to different scales. Shoe sizes are based on inches, ring sizes are not. 

Are ring sizes universal? Same for men and women?
Yes, ring sizes are universal and are the same for men and women. 

Are ring sizes measured in centimeters or inches?
Most ring sizes are measured in inches, ranging from 2 to 3 inches, then converted to ring sizes.

Is a size 5 small for a ring size?
Yes, a size 5 ring size fits smaller fingers. 

How can I find my ring size online?
You can find your ring size online by searching for a ring sizing chart. 

What if my ring size fluctuates?
Ring sizes may fluctuate over the years for a variety of reasons. It may be weight loss or weight gain, it may be you once worked hard with your hands and now you are a keyboard warrior, or perhaps you were a Greco-Roman wrestler competing in the Olympics, but decided to hang up your shoes. Whatever the reason for the fluctuation, you face a dilemma with keeping your ring on your finger. The good news is that Groove Life offers a 94-Year No BS Warranty on all of our rings, so if at any time you find you need a new size, just contact our handy customer experience teams and they will get a new ring shipped out to you ASAP! Text (850) 754-7348 or [email protected]

What if I am giving a ring as a gift, how do I find their ring size?
If you are giving a ring as a gift you will need to know the recipient's ring size. If you cannot ask directly, then find someone with a similar hand size and ask them what their ring size is. The good news is that when you order a ring with Groove Life you have a 30 free exchange window, so no matter what size you buy, if it doesn’t fit, you can always exchange it for the right size. We’re here to help! Text (850) 754-7348 or [email protected]

Still have questions about your ring size? 
Contact our customer experience team:
Text (850) 754-7348 or
[email protected].
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