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25 Awesome Items You NEED At The Gym

25 Awesome Items You NEED At The Gym

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

Going to the gym on a regular basis requires dedication and motivation.

When you run out of these, you risk throwing away everything you’ve achieved. We get it, it’s hard work! 

That sofa is so comfy and that Netflix show is so addictive. But you’re going to the gym for a reason, because you have fitness goals you want to achieve, and you’re either serious about them or not.

Losing your gym momentum?

It happens to people all the time, but you don’t need to be that guy or gal. What you need is the right kit to help you reach your peak and stay motivated!

Luckily, there are lots of high-tech items that help keep up the buzz of exercising regularly as well as those that just keep your body in the right condition to push yourself further.

So if you want to be your best, check out our top 25 items that you need to take with you on that journey.

1 - Cyclone Cup 

 At the gym, you need to stay hydrated. If you’re looking for a more serious option than a simple water bottle, the Cyclone Cup is a technological powerhouse that mixes up pills, protein powders, whatever you need.

It’s the world’s best shaker and will get you where you want to go with the ability to tailor any combination you can come up with. Find out more here.

2 - RipFix


Working hard can take its toll on your skin, especially your hands. If you’re lifting regularly, the repetitive friction will form calluses, and if you don’t look after them you risk them ripping. That will not only hurt like hell but also completely detonate your schedule. Using RipFix will stop a rip from stopping you in your tracks, healing it fast to get you back to your best. Get more information about RipFix here.

3 - The Groove Life Zeus Ring

Yeah, we know, we’re bound to say this, it’s our product!

The Zeus ring from Groove Life is the strongest silicone ring for men on the market today. 

The Zeus ring is for the warrior, the fighter, the man who hits the gym hard. 

Zeus is 3 rings fused into 1–the ultra-durable outer band, a patented nylon band concealed inside that does not allow the ring to stretch but still breaks, and the most breathable inner band Groove has ever created.

Leave your wedding band at home and grab the Zeus ring. It comes in two styles, Edge or Step, and in a variety of cool colors, starting with black. 

You’ll look great and feel comfortable. Plus, all Groove Rings come with a 94 Year No BS Warranty. Order your Groove Ring here.

4 - Schiek 2006 Lifting Belt

If you’re serious about weight lifting you need a belt to keep you stabilized so you can keep on getting stronger without risking the kind of serious injury that would leave you out of action. The Schiek 2006 belt is one of the best on the market, which is why we’re recommending it because you can’t play games with your abs and spine. Check out the belts here.

5 - Groove Life Breathable Watch Band

Your smartwatch was designed to track your exercise, which is a tough job when it causes rashes and a disgusting smell from sweat buildup! Here at Groove Life, we designed a watch band that is breathable and comfortable... you might even forget you're wearing it! 
Check out our brand new watch bands here!

6 - Manduka Hand Towel

Manduka Hand Towel

A hand towel is an essential part of anybody’s gym bag, regardless of age, sex or fitness levels. You don’t have to be a fanatic to need a towel, even the most casual of gym goers needs one to avoid giving the next person to use the machine an unpleasant surprise. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a scruffy thing you found at the back of a closet. This yoga towel is absorbent and quick to dry as well as being light and soft to the touch. Find out more.

7 - Stance Socks

Stance Socks

Socks? Sock are just socks, right? Wrong. These Stance socks are high tech and have been carefully constructed to aid your performance in ways you might have never thought that socks could. The mesh design at the top of the foot acts like vents to keep you cool and ensure breathability while the air channel cushioning on the bottom makes sure you’re  well-padded when you need it most. Pull your socks up and check them out here.

8 - Para Duffel Bag

Lululemon Para Duffel Bag

Whatever your gender, you need a gym bag that is both stylish and fit for purpose. This bag from Lululemon is designed to be both without sacrificing anything along the way, even allowing you to use it as a backpack while you’re commuting, if that’s more comfortable. Inside, it can be compartmentalized so you can keep your dirty clothes from clean ones and have everything in its right place. Nice. Get yours here.

9  - Headsweats Head Band

Headsweats Head Band

They say ladies don’t sweat but glow. ‘They’ obviously don’t work hard enough at the gym, because those of us who do need a good head band to keep the sweat and the hair and the sweaty hair out of our eyes. The best one we’ve found so far are these Headsweats bands, which work perfectly and come in a variety of stylish designs.

Check out the range here.

10 - TruSportPak Phone Holder

TruSportPak Phone Holder

We live in a smartphone age and whether you use yours for streaming motivational music or tracking your activities, you need to keep it safe. The last thing you want when pounding the treadmill is for your phone to fall out of your pocket and end up smashed against a wall behind you, right? This phone holder is designed for indoor and outdoor exercise (with an LED light for added visibility on dark nights), so it’s the perfect buy for all of your exercising. Find out more here.

11 - HydrateM8


Earlier in the list we mentioned the need to stay hydrated but if the Cyclone Cup is too intense for your needs and you just want to drink water while at the gym, the HydrateM8 is the thing for you. On the bottle it’s got a guide to when you need to drink throughout the day and how much to achieve optimum hydration and maximum performance. Read more here.

 12 - Body Glide Anti-Chafe Gel

For those who exercise a lot, chafing is a fact of life, but it’s also a pain in the… well, wherever it affects you. As the name suggests, Body Glide is all about smoothing over the bits where the friction is starting to hurt, and it acts as all day protection for those areas, resistant to sweat and it’s never, ever greasy. The only question is why you aren’t using this already? Get some here!

13 - Mosher Mountain Gear Chalk Ball

Mosher Mountain Gear Chalk Ball

If you’re a dedicated weight lifter, chalk is no doubt part of your everyday life. But chalk is also messy and a total pain to carry around. That’s why we recommend the Mosher Mountain Gear Chalk Ball, which is basically powdered chalk in a cotton sack that you can keep refilling as you need it. It’s a simple, but effective and convenient solution to a real problem. We like those. Find out more here.

14 - Fat Gripz

 Fat Gripz

Want to build up your arm muscles? REALLY build them up? Then you need Fat Gripz, it’s as simple as that. They are designed to fit around the bars of weights and dumbbells, etc., to make them thicker, which makes your muscles work much harder when you’re lifting them than if the Gripz weren’t there. Think of every hardcore person you know, they probably use these. Find out about Fat Gripz here.

15 - Under Armour Iso Chill Mesh Boxers

Under Armour Iso Chill Mesh Boxers

(image from https://www.buycott.com/upc/889819205949/2016-under-armour-mens-6-iso-chill-mesh-boxer-jock-shorts-briefs-sports-underwe)

Particularly for guys, choice of underwear isn’t right up there on the list of priorities when deciding what you need for the gym. As long as there are not too many holes and stains, it’s fine, right? NO! Under Armour’s Iso Chill Mesh Boxers have everything you need to stay cool and fresh no matter how hard you’re working. And, yeah, supported too. Find out more here. 

16 - C9 Champion Women’s Sports Bra

 C9 Champion Women’s Sports Bra

Speaking of ‘supported’, ladies definitely need to think more about their choice of underwear and this sports bra from C9 ticks all the boxes in that it’s supportive, offering a flattering shape as underwear and also looks great as outerwear, thanks to the ladder design on the back. Don’t worry guys, that’s the last we’ll talk about bras in this list. You can read more about them here though.

17 - Hyperwear Pro Weight Vest

 Hyperwear Pro Weight Vest

Here’s another of those items on our list that tells the hardcore from the day trippers, as anyone using a weight vest is someone who is really invested in reaching their peak. If that’s you, you need to check out the Hyperwear Pro Weight Vest, which comes pre-loaded with 10 lbs of steel weights. If that doesn’t sound like your kind of vest, you’re better off steering clear. Find out all about them here.

18 - Wodfitters Ultra Speed Cable

Anyone who’s seen Rocky knows that skipping isn’t just for kids, it’s a great way to get fit and if you’re doing it right, you’re not using something from the playground to do it. Wodfitters’ Ultra Speed Cable is built to be super-fast, letting you go as fast as you take without being let down by your equipment. Everything in it has been designed for maximum comfort and maximum results. Read more here.

19 - Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless

Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless

Doing cardio exercise often requires the right music to drive you along. For many people that might be the banging tunes that get played in the gym, but if you’d rather pick your own soundtrack, these Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless earphones will let you do that without any of the hassle of regular earphones. It’s just up to you to pick the right playlist. Find out more here.

20 - Polar M600 Smart Watch

Polar M600 Smart Watch

A smart watch is what we all want, but if you’re going to be wearing it while exercising, that should be a part of your thought process when picking which one you get. The Polar M600 has been designed for people with ‘an active lifestyle’, which means that it’s waterproof, but also means it’s got great Smart Coaching and activity tracking functions. Get smart here.

21 - Fitbit Charge 2

 Fitbit Charge 2

If you just want the heart rate tracking without all the other bells and whistles, the Fitbit does what you need, helping you track what you’re achieving and maximise your results using the simple heart rate zones (Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak). You can use the Fitbit app on your smartphone to get more detail on your map route and results. Find out more here.

22 - Under Armour Ignite Sandals

Under Armour Ignite Sandals

Flip flops?! This is a trip to the gym, not a beach holiday, why would you need flip flops?! It’s simple, you need them because you’re going to be walking around in the locker room, having a shower, etc and those floors are not always the most hygenic are they? Getting a verruca is not ideal for your exercise regime, so invest in some good quality sandals and protect your feet. Flip over here for more info.

23 - Spud Traveling Farmers Walk Handles

If you’re relatively new to this fitness world or are a more casual gym-goer, the name of this product will have you a bit flummoxed. The farmers walk is a particularly intensive weights routine and these handles are small enough to go in your gym bag but also strong enough to carry up to 45lb while you’re doing your walk. Find out more here.

24 - Bionic Men’s Performance Grip Gloves

Bionic Men’s Performance Grip Gloves

These are some serious gloves. The patented anatomical pad relief system has been designed to prevent fatigue in your hands and increase your strength by evening out the pressure across the surface area. They also offer a great grip and a perspiration management system that will stop you getting sweatier palms than you did on your first ever date. Calm down and check them out here.

25 - SBD Knee Sleeves

 SBD Knee Sleeves

As worn by so many proper weight lifters, these sleeves are essential if you’re planning on lifting the real heavy weights, and even more essential if you’re ever had injuries or problems with your knees before. They offer real support when squatting and keep your knees warm and supported when you’re putting them under the most pressure. Check them out here.

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