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4 Pro Athletes Who Wear Groove Rings

4 Pro Athletes Who Wear Groove Rings

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Chalk, medicine ball, hand wrap, running shoes… the gear of an athlete changes with the sport but there’s one thing that unites Craig DeMartino, Michael Chandler, Chantae McMillan and André Crews (besides sweat, hard work, and get ‘er done attitude). They all wear Groove Life gear.

Meet the influencers who wear our rings, watch bands and belts while accomplishing some of the craziest feats we’ve seen!

Michael Chandler wears a Groove Ring



André Crews Wears a Groove Ring

If there’s a challenge in sight, you’ll probably find André Crews out there leading the charge! While André is known for being the Men’s Health Magazine's Fittest Trainer in 2017 and owner and head coach of 150 BayFit in Jersey City, his passion is for something more than his own personal fitness.

André is determined to help each person thrive. He left a successful career in banking to pursue his dream and his goal is to see YOU living the life tomorrow that you are dreaming of today. If you’d like to get in shape with André, here is a link to his fitness program, Crews Control!


Michael Chandler UFC Fighter

MMA Fighter Michael Chandler joined the UFC to compete in the lightweight division in late 2020 and already has made his mark with some fantastic wins! Michael’s passion for competition extends beyond the ring. Through his social media platforms and speaking events, he encourages his followers and fans to strive after their goals with determination and to never give up.

Michael is an outspoken Christian and he and his wife adopted their first child in 2017. While he stays busy training, Michael isn't keeping all of his secrets to himself! You can download his free ebook '14 Days to the Top' right here to receive a powerful message that will get your head in the game and jumpstart the mind of a champion.


Chantae McMillan Wears a Groove Ring

The word 'impossible' doesn’t seem to enter Chantae McMillan’s mind… ever. She trained for ten years as a heptathlete and competed in the Olympics in the Summer of 2012. While most people would be content with just one skill, Chantae was just getting started. She now is focused on making the 2021 Olympic team in javelin!

Not only is Chantae an inspiring athlete, but she’s an army wife and mother of an adorable toddler as well. She's always one step ahead of the game and today you can join her in this workout program to achieve quick, incredible results! Be sure to enter the code 'groove15' for 15% off.


Craig DeMartino Wears a Groove Ring

When destiny seemed to push Craig DeMartino down, he pushed back and never quit chasing his goals. After a 100-foot fall stopped Craig’s climbing career in its tracks, he made the tough decision to amputate his leg so he could continue climbing. During the healing process, Craig gave himself the grace and time to heal and that perspective has brought him to where he is today: the first amputee to climb Yosemite's El Capitan in under 24 hours and the first amputee to climb the Nose of El Cap in under a day, just to name a few.

If you’ve ever wondered how to recover after trauma and find meaning while living in a 'new normal', follow Craig on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to receive encouragement and inspiration.


Why should athletes wear Groove Rings?

Everyday life for these athletes involves weight lifting, climbing, javelin throwing, or punching, not to mention a ton of good ol’ fashioned sweat. A traditional metal wedding ring or statement ring could put the finger at risk of serious injury at all times, and if anyone needs their fingers for performance, it’s an athlete.

The Groove Ring is an alternative ring made out of medical-grade silicone, designed to break away from the finger when snagged to protect the hand. It also includes signature breathable grooves inside the band to allow air in and moisture out, keeping the skin dry and rash-free!

The Groove Life Watch Band includes the same breathable grooves as the Groove Ring and is available for Samsung, and Apple smartwatches. The breathable Groove Watch Band also comes in leather options so you don’t have to choose style over comfort!

The Convenient, Innovative Groove Belt

The Groove Belt is the most recent unconventional product to be designed here at Groove Life and includes its own groundbreaking technology. The buckle is created with powerful neodymium magnets so you can buckle it with just one hand! The belt is hassle-proof; you only have to adjust it once and it’s ready to go! The belt combines just the right amount of stretch and security to hold its shape while flexing with your movements. If you’re kinda attached to the pull-tight-and-cinch belt process, The Groove Belt is way too comfortable for you. But if you’re ready to kick those problems out the door, shop The Groove Belt here.

Whether you’re an athlete, police officer, angler, nurse, or anything in between, you know the danger of traditional wedding rings. If you ever find yourself leaving your ring at home when you head to the gym or to work, if you can’t bring yourself to wear a regular belt, or if you’ve experienced the dreaded watch band rash, go ahead and check out our website. Groove Life is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Keep Groovin’!


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