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5 Tips to Not Lose Your Wallet

5 Tips on How to Avoid Losing Your Wallet

Posted by Ryan Skidmore on

Never lose your wallet again!

Your wallet is home to many of the essentials you need in your daily life. It holds your money, your IDs, your driver’s license, your credit cards, etc. Most of these things are irreplaceable and for those you can replace, it’s usually a hassle. To make your life easier, you need to find ways to help you not lose your wallet.

1. Create a Routine

Often when you “lose” your wallet, you’ve simply left it or misplaced it at home. If you are constantly losing your wallet, then you need to make a routine for yourself. This routine will help you be help you plan ahead and allow you to always rely on your wallet being where you expect it.

Start by having a designated place for your wallet. If you keep your wallet in the same place, then you won’t forget it in a rush or waste time trying to find where you left it last. At the end of the day, always put it in the same place so you can easily grab it in the morning.

2. Never Set It Down

If you lose your wallet in your house, there less to worry about because you know you’ll find it eventually. However, if you lose your wallet outside the home, there is an endless list of places it could be.

You need to try and remember everything little thing you did throughout the day and every place you went. It’s likely you’ll feel doubtful as you consider the possibilities of where you left it.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to never set your wallet down when you’re outside your home. Keep it in your pocket or a bag when on public transport. Keep hold of it while paying for things. Put it back where you had it once you’re done using it. Making a habit of keeping your wallet in your hand or in your pocket or bag when you’re out can help make sure you never leave it somewhere.

3. Get a Colorful Wallet

Most people favor dark, neutral wallets that don’t call much attention to themselves. However, this is the perfect recipe for losing your wallet. If your wallet falls or gets wedged somewhere dark, it can be hard to find it.

Darker colors are also harder to spot when you’re looking for something. A more colorful wallet will be easier to find because the colors will stick out.

If you don’t want to commit to a super bright wallet, you could also attach a colorful keychain or other marker that will help you identify your wallet when looking for it.

4. Track It

One surefire way to keep you from ever losing your wallet again is to track it. There are many types of trackers you can get that can be slipped into your wallet and they are inconspicuous. With these tracking chips, you can use your phone to always know where your wallet is.

This is a great solution if you have left your wallet somewhere outside your home. It’s also helpful if your wallet is ever stolen, so you can see exactly where it is.  

Do Checks Throughout the Day

Even when you’re being careful, it’s still possible to lose track of things. For example, your wallet could fall out of your pocket without you noticing. Throughout the day, do some checks and pat yourself down to make sure you have everything.

Even if you’re sure you have your wallet, it can still be reassuring to physically check to see if it’s where you left it. You should do these checks anytime you get up or move around and whenever you head somewhere new.

Losing your wallet can cause a lot of problems and worries. It is best to take measures to keep yourself from losing it. This can ease your stress and make sure you don’t need to go through the hassle of getting everything replaced.

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