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A League of Her Own

A League of Her Own

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Daughter, Friend, Warrior

The women around us are constantly shattering stereotypes. 

Think about it. Women take on so many roles—mother, sister, daughter, friend, counselor, nurturer, adventurer, warrior.

And the thing is, none of them are bound by just one of those titles. They are the bold bearers of many roles, balancing life with work, and adventure with a to-do list.

Women are truly unique, and we’re excited to feature some of our real, undercover heroes in our A League of Her Own series, where we’ll showcase authentic, daring, and courageous women.

The ladies who are kicking butt, making things happen, flinging themselves into adventure, all for the sake of saying, “I can and I will!”

Reflecting Her Uniqueness

And there’s only one ring, one accessory that is able to capture and endure everything that happens in the life of a woman. All of the challenges, all of the late nights, all of the courage, all of the setbacks, and all of the wins.

The one and only signature Groove Ring®. The most durable, flexible and superior ring out there.

You’ll find it featured in our Aspire and Stackables collections, which both reflect the uniqueness and individuality of women, while also providing practical support for women on the go.

Our eye-catching Aspire rings are unlike any other, featuring vivid designs and patterns that are sure to draw attention. The floral patterns, bold pops of color, and designs reminiscent of your favorite outdoor adventure will make these the rings you didn’t know you always wanted.

But don’t think that’s all we got.

Inspiring Her Story

Our thin, stylish stackables are some of our fan favorites. We have a full spectrum of colors and options for you to choose from—bold, bright colors to neutral tones, and a selection of braided or smooth ring designs.

These are the ones that are perfect for mixing and matching and taking with you into whatever life throws your way. All of our Groove rings offer unbeatable comfort, flexibility, and breathability, perfect for the woman who wants balance.

You’ll be a league of your own by donning one of these female favorites.

Check out our collections here and stay tuned for some dynamite stories of women taking a stand, pressing boundaries, and taking risks, all for the hell of it.

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