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Affordable Alternative to a Traditional Wedding Ring

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Marriage is a powerful thing: a union of two souls, a commitment of two lives, a merging of two destinies! Marriage is one of the greatest emotional bonds, and can jerk a tear from the crankiest miser!

Marriage is completely and utterly a decision you make, and it has nothing to do with diamonds.

Wait, what?

affordable alternative for wedding bands

Yep, we said it. Your ring is simply a universally recognized symbol to show the world and each other that you have committed your life to someone. Whether the wedding ring you chose is cheap or extravagant, gold or platinum, diamond or silicone, its design has no impact on its value. Why? Because the value of your wedding ring is based on how you see it and that alone is enough.

Perhaps you have noticed the growing amount of millennials who choose to exchange affordable wedding bands that hold no diamonds but a great depth of meaning. Some even trade the gold band for one much more lasting - a tattooed ring! (Now that would be hard to lose!)

Even with this growing trend, some see the use of an inexpensive wedding ring as a cheap option that lessens the value of the marriage.

affordable alternative to wedding ring

We disagree.

Every girl dreams of the day that her handsome man will fall on one knee and, with tears in his eyes, slip a ring on her finger. This man’s commitment lies not in the diamond itself, but in his eyes and, more importantly, in his heart and soul. That “bling” may get lost but true love lives on.

So, why should you choose a Groove Ring to be your alternative wedding band? (Besides the fact that it comes in super rad patterns...)

affordable wedding bands

We Create our Rings to Match Your Marriage

Groove rings are made to last forever. But, if you do something to damage it or lose it, we guarantee you that (thanks to our No BS Warranty) the same ring will appear on your doorstep just days later to remind you that it’s not going anywhere. Groove rings can withstand the most intense adventures. Put it through extreme strain and it bounces back, ready for another day by your side. It stays with you through sunshine and rain, unfading and resilient. Your Groove ring has your back, always. Where you go, it will go… you get the point.

THAT is the kind of ring you want to represent your marriage commitment.

You will Save Thousands of Dollars

Not only will your Groove ring last a lifetime, but it is a traditional wedding ring you can afford! If you choose to use your Groove Ring as an alternative wedding band, you can spend the thousands of dollars you’ve saved to build your marriage, and THAT is what it’s really all about.

Save thousands of dollars on your wedding ring

A Wedding Ring that Lives Life the Way You Do

Maybe you’re worried that your Cross-Fit fiance would crush her diamond with her 5,000-pound barbells, but you want the world to know she’s taken! Man, buy that girl a Groove Ring! She can show off her diamond during the day and then slip on her bohemian silicone band when she’s ready for a workout.

Keep your fingers safe with silicone rings

The Added Safety of a Silicone Ring

Your silicone wedding band works to protect your finger while you protect your marriage. There are thousands of cases of ring avulsion (injury to the ring finger caused by a metal band) each year (yikes)! Groove Rings are designed to break away from the finger if they get snagged, protecting your hand from danger.

customizable wedding ring

Customizable and Meaningful Wedding Bands

You name it, we can do it! If you want your wedding date engraved on a ring in the seafoam blue to match your wedding colors, we can make that happen! Would you like a matching set of camouflage bands? We can do that, too! We offer a wide variety of his/hers matching bands and can customize them with an image, monogram, state outline, or up to 10 characters of text. (“I love you” fits! What more do you need?)







Even if you decide to exchange traditional wedding rings at the altar, you can still order a set of Groove rings for your adventurous days so you don’t lose your diamonds while you’re climbing waterfalls or deep-sea diving on your honeymoon!

Whether you choose to use a Groove band, tattoo your names, or wrap a piece of grass around your ring finger, we wish you the best as you set out on this fantastic journey of marriage with your best friend. Shop our collection of personalized silicone rings.

May it last a lifetime!


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