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The Best Apple Watch Band: Comfortable. Breathable. Fashionable.

The Best Apple Watch Band: Comfortable. Breathable. Fashionable.

Posted by Taylor Northcutt on

Looking for the Best Watch Band for your Apple Watch?

On April 24, 2015, Apple Inc. released a revolutionary new product, called simply, the Apple Watch. The new product did to smartwatches what Apple had previously done to MP3 players, cell phones, and tablets with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, respectively - taken an existing device and improving its technical capabilities by leaps and bounds in addition to giving it a sleek new look.
And even better, the Apple Watch has a modular watch band, meaning that the stock one can be removed and replaced by others made by Apple or third party manufacturers. There are many stylish options but does anyone offer a truly comfortable watch band?


So, What's the Problem with the Apple Watch Band?

watch-band-rashUntil now, watch bands, whether made by Apple or anyone else, didn’t truly solve the major problem… Wanting to have all the adventures but not wanting to deal with that sweaty accumulation under the band that may or may not be causing a nasty rash!

While some do try to solve this problem by allowing the skin to breathe, they only do so partially and at a cost of appearance, comfort or both. That's why Groove Life decided to create a new line of Apple watch bands with the same amazing comfort and resilience as our rings! 

If you have a Groove Ring and know the true comfort it offers, click here to start browsing the trendiest styles and most comfortable watch bands on the market.


But, What about the Other Watch Bands?

trendy Apple watch bands

Let’s talk about the current options on the market.  

  • There are metal watch bands which, while they may look fancy and professional, can easily become unbearably hot on a sunny day and do not allow the skin to breathe.
  • Leather wristbands have the same appeal as metal ones but suffer the same aforementioned problems as well - a slick and expensive appearance but can easily overheat and doesn't allow the skin to breathe. They just aren’t comfortable watch bands!
  • Most plastic, rubber or silicone bands will readily trap moisture, and even those that try to avoid this problem do so by covering the band in unsightly holes. Not only is this solution inefficient in limiting moisture and helping the skin breathe, but it's just plain ugly as well!

The Most Comfortable Apple Watch Band

But wait!

Don't go throwing away your Apple Watches just yet, there is a solution!

Groove Life has once again solved the breathability problem and this time it will be the next generation of watch bands. The Groove Watch Band will do for smart watches what we did for wedding bands.

 In 2015, entrepreneur Peter Goodwin observed problems with silicone rings - problems that are quite

best-apple-watch-bandsimilar to those often observed with watch bands. Silicone watch bands don’t breathe. This lack of airflow makes the skin on the wearer's wrist hot, sweaty and rash-ridden. So, Peter took the problem by the horns and invented the Groove Ring, a uniquely designed silicone ring with special grooves on the inside surface that allows air to flow in and moisture to flow out.

The inner surface of the Groove Watch Band is patterned just like the ring! The inside grooves let air flow through from one side to the other, helping the skin to breathe and moisture to leave the skin. In short, Peter created a stylish, comfortable watch band!  

In addition, while most brands of watch bands arch towards the wearer's skin, trapping moisture and preventing airflow, the Groove Watch Band actually arches away from the skin, minimizing skin contact and maximizing airflow through the grooves.

Not only that, but Groove’s comfortable watch bands are also durable, hypoallergenic, and available in numerous stylish patterns, including exclusive camo patterns from Mossy Oak and Kryptek.

If you love your Apple Watch but don't like hot, sweaty, itchy skin, buy a Groove Watch Band today and experience the difference!  

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