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What is the best ring for hunting?

What is the best ring for hunting?

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

If you’re a hunter at heart, you know that it's not easy to go out and bag a deer. It takes work - from setting up a treestand or blind to sitting hours silent and still in the early morning, waiting on that trophy buck. One wrong move and you could lose a day’s worth of patient hard work.

One of the most important things to know when deer hunting is that you have to blend in. Deer are keenly aware of their surroundings, using all senses to stay alert at all times. A hunter has to avoid strong smells, loud noises, and he must dress for success in head-to-toe camouflage.

Just one wrong move and you’re back to the house with no payoff.

One of the easy-to-miss precautions that many hunters forget to take care of is the clunky wedding ring. Some hobbies make wearing a metal ring almost impossible, and deer hunting is no exception! Every hunter knows that it is essential to put safety first and that extends to the smallest detail as a wedding ring.

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Silicone Wedding Bands for Hunters

Why hunters shouldn’t wear a wedding ring:

  1. It’s flashy. If light catches on your metal ring, that deer will be outta sight in a heartbeat.
  2. It’s loud. You sneak quietly out to your deer stand and start to ascend when… CLANG! That metal rings through the woods like a shot. Say bye-bye to your deer for today!
  3. It’s freakin' dangerous. Hunters work with a lot of equipment, from guns and bows to deer stands. One wrong move and that ring could snag something, degloving your ringer.
  4. It could get lost. If you lose your ring while hunting on a lot of land you can pretty much say goodbye to it forever. 

What you can do:

  • Leave your ring at home. No risk there!
  • Wear camouflage gloves to cover the ring’s shine and mute the sound of metal against metal.
  • Choose to wear a silicone ring.
Silicone Rings that are Safe for Hunting

Why should hunters wear a Groove Ring?

It’s breathable

The Groove Ring is uniquely designed with breathable inner grooves that allow air in and moisture out. This breathable technology keeps the sweat away and skin breathing, ideal for long hours in a treestand.

It’s easy to clean

We know that hunting can get a little messy. As Katie Van Slyke-Mabry shared with us earlier this year, hunters love that Groove Rings are easy to clean and never lose their color, no matter what you put them through!

You’ll forget you’re wearing it

One of the phrases we hear all the time is “I don’t even notice I’m wearing it.” The medical-grade silicone band forms to the finger, making it the most comfortable ring you can find.

It makes your spouse happy.

Especially for our guys out there… you know one wrong move could jeopardize your entire hunting future! Happy wife = happy life, and your wedding ring makes your bride feel “happy, happy, happy.” 

It keeps your finger safe!

Last but far from least, Groove Rings are designed to break away from the finger when snagged, protecting the hand from injury. Don’t take a risk with your fingers. When you choose a Groove Ring, you choose safety.

“Since I was a little kid, I've had this profound connection and love for the deep, dark, unmolested woods. I've always had a longing to be in the deep woods or in the water. I want to be on lakes, streams, and rivers and surrounded by everything that comes with it - the ducks, birds, fish, and other wildlife. I guess it's in my DNA, and I just love being out there. Even to this day, it's where I want to be.”

― Phil Robertson, Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander

Introducing the Buck Commander Ring

“Safety First” never looked so good.

Now that you know that silicone rings are the best rings out there for hunters… it’s time you knew about THE ring. The brand NEW ring that sent nature in reverse as hunters everywhere race to beat their wives to an online shopping spree.

The product of an exciting partnership with both RealTree™ and Duck Commander (you’ll recognize these guys from Duck Dynasty), this Groove Life band is the real deal. Available in four different options including RealTree™ EDGE™ camo, this is the ideal ring for hunters.

Buck Commander RealTree EDGE

Buck Commander RealTree™ EDGE™

The Buck Commander logo and RealTree™ EDGE™ camo combined with our original Groove Ring create the ultimate hunting silicone ring. The original band is designed for maximum comfort, flexible and resilient.

Buck Commander Pitch Black

Buck Commander Pitch Black

If you’re looking for something on the bolder side, check out the Buck Commander on a striking black original Groove Ring band. 

Buck Commander Edge Blaze

Buck Commander Edge Blaze

The Groove Edge is designed to have the appearance of metal with the comfort of silicone. Just add a Buck Commander logo and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Buck Commander Seafoam Thin

Buck Commander Seafoam - Thin

Don’t worry ladies… we aren’t leaving you out! The Thin Groove Ring is designed to comfortably fit a smaller hand while retaining the power and breathability of the original ring. Buck Commander Thin is available in Seafoam, one of our most popular colors.

Now that you know your options, you can hit the woods in style, knowing you’ve got the best hunting ring on the market.

About Groove Life

We’re a group of adventurers who design gear for those who live life to the max! Whether you’re into hiking, kayaking, catfish noodlin’, or even skydiving, we’re here to make sure your pants stay cinched, your watch is comfy, and you’re wearing a ring. Click here to learn more about our mission and values!

Keep Groovin’!

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