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Can you shrink a silicone ring?

Can you shrink a silicone ring?

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

We’ll take a guess. You just bought the coolest silicone ring on the market and you’re ready to get that thing on your finger! But when you slipped it on, it just dangled, feeling more like a game of horseshoes than a perfect fit.

Oops! It looks like you either need to shrink that ring or find a different outlet for your leopard print obsession.

As it turns out, we do have a few tips for you as you figure out how to shrink silicone ring sizes. Silicone rings aren't that easy to shrink, though some people think you can shrink silicone rings in just a few days or hours.

Shrink your silicone ring

Go crazy on YouTube

Have you ever noticed, while watching a “good ol’ days” film, that the first response to an injury is “go boil some water!” We never do find out what they do with it. Well… boiling water is the fix-all ‘cause that’s what all those YouTube tutorials are going to have you do in order to DIY your ring into the perfect fit. If you go this route, be careful! You might not have much of a ring to show for all that work if you mess this one up.

Steps To Shrink A Silicone Ring

Step 1: Boil some water.

Step 2: Let sit for 5-10 mins

Step 3: Use metal tongs to lower your ring in the boiling water.

Step 4: Stretch to desired size

Step 5: Clean up the mess while wiping away tears of bitter regret.

Step 6: Buy a new ring (if it’s not a Groove ring.)

Other versions of this technique for shrinking silicone rings include alternatives to the boiling water, like using hot water and then dipping the ring in cold water once it's the correct size. Other people suggest using a hair dryer to heat the ring. In all honesty, it's better to just buy to the part where you buy a new ring.


You probably already know what we're gonna say here. Take a pair of scissors, cut a little slice out of that ring, and use some super glue - or duct tape if you're that guy - and it'll be as good as new… kinda. It will definitely be a smaller size! This method is particularly effective if you want your ring to look like a station wagon straight out of the demolition derby. 

In the end, it always comes down to what you want your silicone rings to look like. But, any changes that you make to your silicone rings will compromise their ability to stretch, shrink, and remain flexible.

These rings are also designed to prevent you from injuring a finger, and modifying the ring can alter that ability.

Groove Ring Zeus Anti-Stretch™


Let's be honest… those previous two options are totally a joke. Anything that involves the need to boil water, soak a ring in cold water for a few hours, optimize water penetration, or anything along those lines will affect the shape and seal of the ring, not just make it a size smaller.

If you're trying to shrink your silicone ring… we are just gonna go out on a limb and say that you bought it from the wrong place. If you're purchasing a silicone ring, which is actually made to break and save your finger from injury (like ring avulsion), you need a solid warranty backing it up.

And… that's our cue.

Groove Life silicone rings for adventurers

At Groove Life, we offer our customers a 94-Year No BS Warranty! That means whether your ring is lost, stretches out, or breaks, we’ll replace it! We also offer a 30-day exchange and return window so you can swap that ring out for a different size if it doesn’t fit right the first time! But we don’t think you’ll need that window.


Here’s the deal. We have THREE handy dandy ways you can measure your ring size right from your home.

  • Take this quiz. Help us make a simple guesstimate that is pretty accurate and lightning fast.
  • Use the app. Just download our app and place your ring on the screen to find your ring size. This is the simplest method, only takes a minute, and is pretty dang accurate.
  • Print off the size guide. If you’d rather save space on your phone for a few favorite episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., pull out your printer and use this bad boy. It may take a while, but it’s accurate as heck.
  • Still not 100% sure you’re in? Check this out. We created the #1 breathable silicone ring on the market. Not only are Groove products backed by a radical warranty, but they are the most comfortable rings you can find. We also make Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit bands that are flexible, durable, and just plain cool!

    Zeus Anti-Stretch™ Silicone Ring


    If you've bought a quality silicone ring but it keeps stretching out (even after we replaced it), you're probably looking for something with an extra level of durability. We recommend you check out the Zeus Anti-Stretch™. Created for athletes, adventurers, and folks who push the limits, this ring won't wear out on you anytime soon. Read more about the Zeus right here.

    If you're loving the Groove Life vibe and want to see what the buzz is about, you can check out our products, No BS Warranty info, and a BRAND NEW product right here on our website!

    Assuming you want a ring on your finger that you don't need to stretch, Groove rings are the perfect silicone rings. They're flexible, durable, and can withstand some heat pressure. Whether you're an adventurer or a homebody, one of our products will absolutely meet your needs. If you measure right, they'll never be loose enough to resize. 

    Otherwise, best of luck to you in your ring-shrinking goals! We'll be here for ya when you're ready to land on a ring that will last for life.

    Keep Groovin'!

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