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Groove Custom Silicone Rings - Make Your Groove Ring as Unique as You!

Groove Custom Silicone Rings - Make Your Groove Ring as Unique as You!

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

Introducing the only silicone ring that perfectly reflects your true personality!

The idea of Groove Life was born on the wild trails of remote Alaska in 2015! As you can imagine, a premium product with such an adventurous beginning is designed for a unique person with an active lifestyle… it was designed for you.  

Even though the Groove silicone ring stood out for its unique designs and color choices, unmatched durability and crazy awesome customer service… it still wasn’t quite perfect.

It needed to be totally and completely yours.


That's when we launched Groove Custom.

From the day Peter Goodwin dreamed up Groove Ring on a trek through Alaska, the Groove Ring was destined to be specifically and perfectly customized for each person and their passions. Today that dream is a reality and your ring can be as unique as you!


What good is a passion if you can’t share it? If there is a passion in your life that you want to share with the world, from hunting and fishing to your dedication to a sorority, you can now choose from hundreds of designs and display it right on your ring!



Do you have a super cool company logo? We can engrave it on rings for your whole team! Custom logos require a minimum order of 25 rings. You can place your order here.



Rings tell a story… and we mean that literally. Whether it is a sweet message for your special someone, the reference to your favorite verse, or a monogram in a fancy font, we will make it happen! This ring is just for you and everyone should know it.


Our Quality Represents Your Commitment

You may notice that our logo is an infinity sign. That is because Groove Life stands behind your commitment 100%. Whether you are committing to your marriage, your life goal, or your favorite cause, you wear your ring proudly to show your commitment. That kind of dedication deserves the best quality ring.

The unique Groove Ring designs and colors stand out in a world of traditional metal bands! You’ll find that everyone will ask you what your ring is about. Your custom engraving will stand out even more!  Tell the world who you are.


Backstage at Groove Custom

The customization process is no easy task and has taken us over 6 months to master.

  1. First, the artwork has to be vectorized and placed into our engraving software (If you don’t know what vectorized means… it’s as complicated as it sounds).
  2. The image then has to be sized perfectly to the correct size ring.
  3. Next, the ring must be placed on a dowel and positioned into the engraving machine on a specialized rotary tool that rotates the ring as it is being engraved.
  4. Next, the ring is removed, cleaned and filled with the unforgettable color you picked out.  
  5. Finally, it is back to the shipping department and off to your mailbox!  

Here is a behind the scenes look at our team in Nashville, Tennessee cranking out the custom designs.  Kevin Weber, our Groove Custom shop manager, is a real pro at creating one-of-a-kind designs that are as unique as you. As you can see, he is the brains and brawn behind Groove Custom.  

groove life custom silicone ring


See Our Process at Work 

Here is a quick video showing the engraving process. Do you see the rotary tool at work? This process is done with each individual ring!




We’re jumping-up-and-down excited over here, ready to help you design your custom style so you can show off your Groove Ring with confidence! Now, let’s get customizing!



We pride ourselves on our customer service and warranty! Keep in mind that although our guarantee comes just as described (no BS included) we do charge a small fee for customization if your ring is lost or needs to be exchanged. Your ring will always be replaced 100%, no matter what, but if you decide to replace the engraving, you will need to pay the engraving fee for the new ring. This is because the customization process is so in-depth that we need to cover the labor cost that is involved. It’s a bummer, we know, but we do our best to take care of all the fees we can. Read the full details on our engraved warranty HERE.

Whew, you made it through the whole article and are still here looking for more! We hope you enjoyed reading about our customization options and are ready to get your ring engraved! Let us know how you like your ring when you receive it!  We love to hear your feedback.

Thanks and keep Groovin’! 



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