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Don't Forget This Item On Your Wedding Checklist.

Don't Forget This Item On Your Wedding Checklist.

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Wedding season is upon us and with it a flurry of flowers and tulle and brides running around on 10 cups of coffee and an hour of sleep.

In the throes of wedding planning, it’s easy to forget the simple things that make all the difference in the end. After the dream wedding has ended and the bride and groom are settled on a plane headed off on the honeymoon, an inevitable moment arrives. The lovebirds look down at their hands and realize they get to love and cherish not only this person but also this ring - for life. Will a diamond be damaged by salt water? Is it safe to wear a metal ring to work? What if I LOSE it? The paralyzing thoughts come crashing in.

The solution is simple. While you’re planning your dream wedding this year, think ahead and make sure your ring - and hand - stay safe during your hard-earned honeymoon. Don’t forget to pack a pair of safe, comfy (and definitely stylin’) silicone wedding bands.

Why should you bring a silicone wedding ring on your honeymoon? First, let’s talk about what silicone actually is.

Honeymoon Packing Checklist


Silicone rings are a fairly recent idea. Increased awareness of potential finger and hand injury from metal rings caused a surge of innovative ring ideas. From rubber to plastic, alternative wedding rings started showing up everywhere.

Unfortunately, these rings caused breakouts, smelly skin, and discomfort. That’s where we come in. Our founder Peter Goodwin created a breathable silicone ring that includes signature grooves on the inside of the band to allow air in and moisture out, keeping the skin dry and sweat-free. These rings are designed to keep your hand safe. If the ring gets snagged it will break away, protecting your finger from injury.

Not only does the Groove Ring keep your finger safe but you can wear it in places that metal rings are prohibited! You’ll never have to leave your ring at home when you’re on the job or hitting the gym because these rings are flexible and durable, wearable at work and at home.

Why should this matter to engaged couples? Let’s run through a few scenarios and find out.

Silicone Rings for Your Honeymoon


Whether you’re planning on spending your hours by the ocean or hiking in Maine, you’re going to be so glad you brought your silicone wedding ring on your honeymoon. Why? We’re so glad you asked.


The last thing you need on your magical, long-anticipated honeymoon is a LOST wedding ring! Whether that wedding-prep weight loss shrinks your finger and crashing ocean waves wash the ring right off, or it falls into the unknown while you’re ziplining in South America, the risk is just not worth it. A silicone ring is affordable and durable and fits like a glove. Plus, if you decide to get a Groove Ring, it’s covered by our 94-Year No BS Warranty! If you’d like to find your Groove Ring size, click here.


Did you know that salt water dulls the sparkle of diamonds? It’s not easy on metals either so unless your wedding ring is made out of coral you don’t want to be wearing it in the ocean. Your silicone wedding ring is adventure-proof and stands out so you’ll always remember the best decision you ever made.

Wedding Rings for Honeymooners


Did you know that wedding rings are actually dangerous? If your ring snags on something as simple as the kitchen counter (ask Jimmy Fallon about that one) it could seriously injure your hand or even cost you a finger. Like we said earlier, silicone rings will break away from your finger when snagged, keeping your valuable digits safe.


Don’t cheat yourself of the joy of showing everyone the commitment you value so much. Your silicone ring will give you the confidence to celebrate your marriage every second of every day, whether you’re working out, relaxing by the ocean, or simply taking a quiet walk in the evening. Your commitment to your spouse will last a lifetime, so make sure you’re protecting that symbol of your commitment by wearing a silicone ring when you’re doing crazy things. You’ll be glad you chose to keep that expensive ring safe.

One final piece of advice… choose a silicone ring that is FUN! You probably picked a wedding ring that is classy and high quality. Now, pick a Groove Ring that has all the personality! Whether you’d like a super hero ring, an NFL ring, or something with a little extra color, we’ve got it all! Grab the ring that makes you smile and go live up that honeymoon!

Keep Groovin’!

Silicone Rings for Marriage


We’re not just making rings over here, we’re constantly designing new exciting products from breathable Apple, Fitbit and Samsung watch bands to the comfiest belt in the world! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook or check out our website!

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