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2020 Adventure Gift Guide for Hot Dads

2020 Adventure Gift Guide for Hot Dads

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

It’s that time of year again… time to celebrate the guy who grills out in the backyard cracks dad jokes at the worst times, and gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “dad bod.”

That’s right… we’re talking about Father’s Day (which is June 21st for all of you who are frantically scrambling for the calendar)!

Groove Ring Father's Day

Since this manliest of holidays is fast approaching, you’re going to need to grab that perfect gift for dad! To make it easy on you, we asked some of the Groove Life fellas to share the best gifts for men in 2020. 

That list is included below, free of charge! Each of these gifts is guaranteed to knock the Smartwool crew socks right off of dad with just one glance. All you have to do is pick the one that sounds most like your man and get it on its way.

So let’s get started.


Beard Oil: Beardbrand


Some say men find pride in their strength. We know the truth. Every man’s pride really lies in his facial hair. Whether the dad in your life has a few scraggly mustache hairs or a beard worthy of a mountain-man, he’s going to love a good bottle of Beardbrand Beard Oil. Check it out here!


Groove Watch Band: Groove Life

Groove Life Watch Band

Nothing says “Thanks, Dad” like a unique watch band! Plus, if your man has trouble getting home in time for dinner, these bands are so eye-catching he won’t be able to help keeping track of the time. Whether the dad in your life prefers an outdoorsy camo or hipster imitation wood, we’ve got the look right here. Check it out here!


Leather Sezon Fold Wallet: Haiti Made


Nothing says “Thanks, Dad!” like a brand new leather wallet. This Sezon Fold Wallet from Haiti Made is handmade and supports an incredible organization. Plus, this wallet will remind Dad how much he is loved every time he makes a purchase! Bingo… this option is a winner! Check it out here!


WESN Micro Blade: Wesn Goods


Every outdoorsy man needs a knife fit for adventures in the wilderness. WESN knives are known for their quality, and this Micro Blade limited edition knife is no different. Measuring just 3.75 inches, this is the perfect gift for the dad who likes to have a handy, classy knife on hand for the spontaneous camping trip. Check it out here!


Groove Ring: Groove Life

Comfortable silicone Groove Ring

We see it all the time… dads leave their wedding rings behind when they head out on adventures. That is, unless they have a Groove Ring. Designed to withstand the wear and tear of the craziest adventures yet break away to protect the finger if snagged, the Groove Ring is the perfect gift for the dad who rock climbs, runs, or works an 8-5 job! Check it out here!


Kan Cup and Leather Sleeve: Haiti Made


There’s nothing like a strong cup of coffee to start a day off right. If your everyday hero enjoys a strong morning cup of Joe, he’ll feel as mighty as Chuck Norris while sipping it from this rugged steel cup and handmade leather sleeve. Check it out here!


Grooming Kit: Beardbrand


The beard is like a pet… it requires a lot of attention! For the dad who has a rockin’-awesome beard, this grooming kit is a sure win. Including three brushes, two combs, scissors, and a black walnut box to hold them, this kit is the secret to beard success. Check it out here!


20-Quart Cooler: Manta Coolers


This cooler is the perfect size for every adventure and is proven to keep ice frozen for seven days! A Manta Cooler is the ideal gift for the dad who loves camping, hiking, or a day at the lake. Check it out here!


The Groove Belt: Groove Life

The Groove Belt

If you really want to make dad’s day, gift him the hottest new product coming to Groove Life! The Groove Belt™ holds up the pants without all of the usual complications - leather digging into the stomach, 5-hour buckle time, and inflexible material. This belt buckles with just one hand, and includes the perfect amount of stretch. Check it out here!


Take it from us… any one of these gift ideas is going to be a roaring success with hot dads. We have a whole team of them over here, guaranteeing their success.

And one more thing… if you decided to grab a Groove Ring, watch band, or The Groove Belt as a Father’s Day gift, keep in mind that we do offer a 94-Year No BS Warranty on all of our products. If that item breaks at any time, we’ll replace it! We also offer a size and style exchange period of 30-days, so even if he’s not a fan of the color you picked out, you can exchange it easily. Head here for details.

Keep Groovin’!

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