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Groove Life + Duck Commander = The Partnership of the Century

Groove Life + Duck Commander = The Partnership of the Century

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Duck. Duck. RING!  Duck Commander Partners with Groove Life (We’ve been picked!)

Here at Groove, we make gear for the roughest, toughest, craziest adventurers on planet earth.

So, naturally... we teamed up with Duck Commander.

If you’ve seen these guys on Duck Dynasty, you know exactly how hilarious, fun, and adventurous they are. Needless to say, we’re pretty freakin’ “happy, happy, happy” about this partnership!

Duck Commander is the family brand behind the Duck Dynasty show. While sharing faith and fun on the blog and social media, they also sell duck calls, apparel, hunting gear, and more! It seems like just about the only thing you can’t buy with a Duck Commander logo is a silicone ring. That is… until now.

We are burstin’ with pride to be the only brand selected to carry officially licensed Duck Commander silicone rings! These rings are so dang cool, you’ll be itchin’ to get one on your finger A.S.A.P.

But before we dive into the details, we’ll start out by telling you a little bit about what a Groove Ring is, and why it’s an essential investment for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. If you aren’t new to Groove, scroll down just a bit to learn about our new Duck Commander gear!

Duck Commander Silicone Ring

What is a Groove Ring?

While exploring the bush of Alaska, our fearless founder Peter Goodwin got fed up with the wedding ring options out there. A metal ring puts fingers at risk for ring avulsion (ouch), and the silicone rings available would either stretch out or cause a heat rash from sweat.

He knew he could do better.

Peter Goodwin started Groove Life and designed the most comfortable, breathable, silicone ring for adventurers on the market. The Groove Ring is designed to break away when snagged to protect the finger. The band includes inner grooves that allow air-in, and moisture-out, keeping your skin breathing! The Groove Ring is safe, comfortable, and comes in every stylin’ look you can imagine.

Duck Dynasty stars wear Groove Rings

The Duck Commander Collection

Disguise yourself from head to finger to toe with your favorite camouflage. Whether you’re into deer hunting, fishing, duck hunting, or all of the above, we have a ring to match. The Duck Commander Groove Ring comes in Realtree Edge, pitch black, and storm grey.

If you’re into fishing, the Fin Commander ring is also available in a Realtree WAV3 pattern and in white.

Don’t worry, outdoorswomen, we see you! The Duck Commander ring also comes in aqua thin for those of you who like to combine cute and adventure into one.

Fin Commander Silicone Ring

The 94-Year No BS Warranty

Yep… you read that right! All of our products are backed with a 94-Year No BS Warranty. If a big ol’ catfish snags that Fin Dynasty ring right off of your finger, we’ll send you another right away. Learn more here.

About Groove Life

Hey, if you like these rings, check out our website! We create comfortable, quality gear for adventurers and that includes Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung watch bands and the new Groove Belt.

If you still aren’t sure about these Duck Commander rings, take it from Si Robertson.

“First it’s pretty tires. Next it’s pretty guns. Then the next thing you know, you’re shaving your beard and wearing capri pants.” – Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty

In other words, if your gear ain’t tough, it’s a slippery slope to bohemian flowers and succulents.

Grab yourself a Duck Commander ring and keep your adventure look intact.

Keep Groovin’!

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