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Groove Life Gift Guide for the Adventure Seeker

Groove Life Gift Guide for the Adventure Seeker

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Shopping for adrenaline seekers can be an adventure itself, so we got the Groove team together and created a gift guide that is sure to have your most adventurous loved ones planning their next big excursion.

As simple as the “season of giving” sounds, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for each person… especially the adventure enthusiast who owns every gadget ever created for their particular sport! It seems like there is nothing left on the market they’d get excited to rip into on Christmas morning.

There is one thing that your most adventurous family member would go crazy to have this holiday season. We decided to make it easy for you this year. We put our adrenaline-junkie heads together and compiled a list of the absolute best Groove Rings based on your loved ones favorite adventure. So, you can skip the long lines and have more time to enjoy the season.

Of course, we can’t cover every adventure, but these are a few of the favorites from our team and the community of people around the world who wear Groove Rings and Watch Bands and love to spend their weekends living on the edge adventure.

How to navigate the guide: 

We organized the guide based on what your adrenaline seeker likes to do most, so scan for their activity and check out the recommended silicone band to match!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!


This sport requires a good grip, so this adventurer needs a ring that will fit thin and close to the finger. We recommend our Groove Solid ring in original or thin. Plus, this ring comes in an eye-catching Copper color that would go well with any axe!


Whether your loved one enjoys duck hunting or tracking down a deer, they are going to think you hit the target with this gift! We offer rings in Mossy Oak and Kryptek camo in a variety of styles and colors!


Where are our yogis at? If your adventurer enjoys doing crazy-intense stretches that would put the rest of us on a stretcher, chances are they like to flex their style a little, too! For our female yoga experts, we suggest the unique Groove stackable rings. They come in a variety of colors and unique patterns that look great with that colorful yoga mat. Male yogis will love our men’s metallic collection. These rings stand out but conform gently to the finger, making them perfect for the more difficult poses.

Weight Lifting

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves to pump iron? Trust us when we say, it’s difficult to find a ring that can withstand the trauma weightlifters put on their rings. That’s why we designed a ring just for those who enjoy working out! Take a look at our Zeus ring, the perfect option for your weight-lifting friend. For those who enjoy a Cross Fit workout, check out our Zeus ring - the only ring endorsed and worn by 7x World CrossFit Champion, Rich Froning.


Does your adventurer love to risk his life flying down the most dangerous ski slopes? When they’re off carving through the snow, they’ll love to show off a gorgeous 3D etched ring, carved with its own unique patterns.


Does your girl love to camp outside under the stars? She’ll love reflecting the beautiful nature around her with a delicate yet resilient Groove ring from our Aspire collection. If your camping enthusiast is a man, he’ll appreciate the extra durability of the Zeus ring!


Whether your special someone works with wood, iron, or something entirely different, you can find them a Groove ring to match! We offer a line of Nomad rings in many rugged patterns - including a wood texture - that your craftsman will love! If she is a craftswoman, check out our beautiful metallic collection for women!

Basketball/Sports Enthusiast

For the guy or girl who loves nothing better than to represent their favorite sports teams, you need a ring to match their excitement! We recommend a solid, low profile ring if your loved one is an athlete, or a ring specifically designed with their favorite college team for the fans out there! Explore NFL or College and University rings to find your team!


For those who are experiencing a different kind of adventure… and need a little extra flexibility! All parents know that the experience of raising children holds a new level of excitement! Support that mom or dad by giving them a ring that can withstand anything those smaller adrenaline junkies can dish out! For these specific adventurers, you can take your pick from our entire Groove Ring collection!


Is serving the community their ideal adventure? You can custom engrave a ring with a monogram to represent their favorite organization or a 10-character phrase! The personalized gift will be something they wear long after the Christmas season ends!

Gun Range

For the one who loves to spend afternoons on the shooting range, check out our Edge collection! Edge rings have a statement beveled edge that gives the impression of metal while flexing with the movement of the finger and remaining entirely breathable, perfect for a day on the range!

First Responder

For those who live adventure 24/7 and are in the business of saving lives, we have a line of rings that are designed just for them! Our Groove Hero line includes rings specifically designed for our everyday heroes and are the perfect gift for your first responder.

If you think that’s cool, those are just a few examples!

We hope you found the perfect gift for your adventurous friend or family member, but if you didn’t see the category you were looking for, don’t worry! These are just a few examples of what Groove Life has to offer! We have countless designs, unlimited customization options, and a bulletproof No BS Warranty that you can’t beat anywhere! Not to mention, we just released a new product line - the Groove Watch Band - that is the perfect gift for folks of all ages!

Hop online and find the perfect adventure accessory for the ones you love most.

Don’t forget to take a little time for what matters this holiday season! Gifts are special and fun, but the best gift is the adventure of life! May you live your best life every day of the year. 

Thanks to some of our favorite influencers for the pics. Find them on Instagram.

Justin Holt         | @holtworks
Amber Massey  | @masseya
Jordan Massey | @masseyjordan
Jacob Heppner | @jheppner66

Merry Christmas, and Keep Groovin’!

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