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How long do silicone rings last?

How long do silicone rings last?

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

So you’re wondering how long silicone rings last? If you’re thinking about diving into the silicone ring world to see what all the hype is about, you want to make sure you get the bang for your buck. We get it, and we applaud you for that.

The answer to your question is simply… Well, that depends. 

The good news is… you may not have to worry about how long it will last. Why? Keep reading to find out! Or just click here to get a sneak peek.

There are a lot of factors to consider. First, unfortunately, all silicone rings are not created equal. Where you choose to buy your ring goes a long way to determine how long it will last. Secondly, that depends on your lifestyle. Do you like to go rock climbing every weekend, or do you prefer long walks on the beach? Do you work with your hands or in an office?

All of these factors weigh into the life of your silicone ring. Before we deep dive into some of your most-asked questions, we wanted to give you a little guide on how to know if a silicone ring is going to last.

Silicone Rings for Adventurers

How to know if a silicone ring is high quality.

  1. It is actually made out of medical-grade silicone

Medical-grade silicone is hypoallergenic and free of toxins, so it is safe to wear on your body without fear of a reaction. Unfortunately, you can’t assume every silicone ring is made out of quality material, so do your research before you grab a cheap pack of unsafe rings from the local supermarket.

  1. It is breathable. 

You will regret buying a ring that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. Many rings are completely flat inside the band, sticking to you like a wet swimsuit. That is a recipe for ring rash, sores, and an obnoxious smell.

  1. It is made to break.

If your silicone ring isn’t designed to break, it isn’t safe to wear. This point is so important that we are going to address it in detail below.

Durable Silicone Rings

Will silicone rings break?

The answer to this is a resounding YES. And that’s a good thing.

Have you ever heard of the term “ring avulsion?” Do yourself a favor and skip the google search. Ring avulsion occurs when a ring catches on something and causes severe damage to the finger. Quality silicone rings like ours are designed to break away when snagged, keeping your finger protected.

Metal rings, like traditional wedding rings, can easily lead to severe ring avulsion. This is why many people prefer not to wear metal rings. How long do silicone rings last? Not as long as a metal ring, but your fingers will be safer!

There’s just one problem with this, right? It gets expensive to buy rings that are intended to break when needed.

That’s why we offer our Groove Life fam a 94-Year No BS Warranty. Whether your ring is lost, breaks, fades, or drops off a cliff, we’ll replace it!

Which silicone rings last the longest?

Will silicone rings stretch?

If you grabbed a cheap ring without doing some research into the quality, chances are that band will stretch out in no time. Trust us… we’ve tried them all. Our Groove Rings were designed to hold their shape while conforming to your finger. They’re insanely comfortable, and durable, too!

So, how long do silicone rings last before stretching out? It all depends on the type of ring you buy. Some brands are low quality and may last for days or weeks. But if you buy a Groove Ring, you can rest assured that your silicone ring will last a lifetime.

And that's just one advantage. Silicone rings also offer the following:

  • An excellent alternative to traditional wedding bands for those who have metal allergies.
  • This synthetic substance comes in a variety of colors, including rose gold.
  • Silicone can generally handle more extreme temperatures than most naturally occurring materials can.
  • A silicone band won't react to shaving cream, dish soap, or direct sunlight.
  • Thanks to the Groove Ring, no BS guarantee, you can rely on always having a wedding ring, even if you lose yours or it breaks.
  • These rings can handle extreme tension (as long as it doesn't endanger your finger), making them perfect for those who live an active lifestyle.

Whether you're concerned about how long silicone rings last or whether they're likely to stretch and break, you can trust in the quality of Groove Rings.

This brings us to the final question...

The best comfortable silicone wedding ring

Which silicone rings are actually the best?

We don’t like to brag, but… you should probably buy a Groove Ring


Because our founder Peter Goodwin designed the Groove Ring after trying a whole lot of other rings that stretched out, caused rashes, or were just plain uncomfortable. He set out to create the perfect ring for adventurers that would combine breathability, comfort, durability, safety, and dashing good looks into one ring of awesomeness. Plus, our ring is basically immortal, thanks to the warranty we mentioned earlier.

The Groove Ring is also hypoallergenic, durable, and comes in a variety of textures, styles, and forms so you can choose the ring that is the best choice for your lifestyle. If you’re looking for something thick and durable, check out our Zeus Ring! If you prefer to forget you’re wearing your ring, try out our original band! Keep in mind, our rings do come with a 94-Year No BS Warranty so you have plenty of time to decide if this is the perfect option for you.

Silicone wedding rings that last

Go ahead, do your research! We’ll be here when you’re ready to arm yourself with the best silicone ring out there.

Keep Groovin’!

About Groove Life

Groove Life was created by adventurers for adventurers. We spend our days designing groundbreaking gear and getting it into your hands. If you like our rings, you’ll love our breathable silicone watch bands and The Groove Belt: the comfiest belt in history. But we’re not just passionate about adventure! If you’d like to learn a little more about what makes us different, check out our mission here.
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