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How to Minimize Your Wallet

How to Minimize Your Wallet

Posted by Ryan Skidmore on

Remember the days when we used to carry around bulky wallets? They were nearly bursting at the seams with debit cards, credit cards, business cards, and even printed photos of the family. 

Nowadays, less is more. Simplifying and decluttering your wallet (along with other aspects of your life) may reduce your stress and even help you gain more peace and clarity.

Ready to adopt a minimalist lifestyle? Here are easy ways to minimize your wallet. 

Clean Out the Items

First and foremost, you'll want to clean out all of your wallet's contents. You'll probably be surprised what items you find - maybe an old ticket stub, a membership card you never use, or even a variety of knick-knacks that shouldn't be in your wallet in the first place. Once you deep dive into the contents of your wallet, you can begin decluttering.

Cut Down the Unnecessary Items

Take a look at all of the items you just cleaned out. Do you see multiple credit cards? If so, consider only carrying around one or two that you use the most. You can also swap them out when necessary. What about business cards? Do you already have their contact information on your phone? If not, input their information and toss those cards. Old receipts that you no longer need can also be thrown away. 

Carry Less Cash

Although we're moving more toward a cashless society, small cash transactions like tipping will continue. So it makes sense to carry a small amount of cash in your wallet. But make sure only to carry what you need, which is usually around $10 to $20.


It's 2022. Time to digitize! You can move several items to mobile, including insurance cards, COVID vaccines, membership cards, pictures, and more. Try Evernote if you're looking for an app to organize your digital barcodes. It scans important documents and keeps them handy on all your devices. If you want to carry fewer business cards, a variety of business card reader apps help you scan your business cards directly into the contacts on your phone. You can also pay for most purchases using Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

Get the Groove Life Groove Wallet

Now for the final step to completing your minimalist lifestyle…

Once you clean out your wallet, you'll need a sleek, low-profile wallet in place of your grandpa-style one. Enter the Groove Wallet. The innovative Groove Wallet is the thinnest in its class. To top it off, it's secure and perfect for those who live a minimalist lifestyle. 

Dubbed as "the last wallet you'll ever need," this minimalist wallet has an Ultra-Slim 8.5mm thickness, so you may even forget it's even there. Using just your thumb, you can easily swipe up to reveal up to 6 cards. Grab the one you need and slide the rest back in. The body, mechanisms, and money clip are all made out of 6063 aluminum alloy and feature RFID blocking technology, so cards can be illegally scanned. If you need additional cards or cash, you can use the black leather card sleeve that comes with it.

It's the biggest thing to happen to wallets since wallets. So what are you waiting for? Go small or go home!

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