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How to Stretch a Silicone Ring

How to Stretch a Silicone Ring

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Silicone rings are meant to be flexible. When you’re lifting weights or climbing ropes at the gym, you need a ring that will conform comfortably to your finger!

A good silicone ring should bend a little, but too much flexibility becomes a problem if your band stretches and doesn’t hold its shape. When you live an active lifestyle, you need a ring that can withstand
anything you put it through, even the adventures we film in our Project Adventure episodes.

In this article, we’re going to cover the three frequently asked questions about silicone ring flexibility! If you’re wondering how to stretch your ring if it’s too tight, curious why your band stretched out, or doubting whether a ring that will NEVER stretch out is even in existence, you’re at the right place. 

Today we are going to address all questions “stretch” related.

1. Why did my silicone ring stretch?

You bought a silicone ring to wear at the gym or at work because of its flexibility and it stretched out on you! That stinks… we feel your pain! There are a few reasons why this may have happened.

The ring isn’t actually made of silicone. 

Some “athletic bands” that you can find pretty cheap on the internet are not actually made of silicone, but rubber or other materials. Groove Rings are made out of 100% medical grade silicone and designed to keep their shape.

If for some reason your Groove Ring has become loose on your finger, we have a 94-year No BS Warranty and will replace it for you, no questions asked!

The ring is cheaply made. 

We craft all of our products with excellence and spend hundreds of hours designing them which is why we can stand behind them with full confidence! This, unfortunately, is not true for all silicone ring companies. If your ring has stretched out, it’s possible that it was not designed to last.

Your lifestyle is so RAD that you need an extra durable non-stretch ring.

If your daily life involves exploring Alaskan mountains, wrestling bears, or lifting 20,000 pounds… you need a ring that is more resilient than average, yet will still break if it gets caught.

Check out #3 below to learn where you can find one of those.


2. How to stretch my silicone ring? It’s too tight.

If you’re armed with tools and trying to stretch out your Groove Ring with a pair of pliers, it’s probably not going to work out too well. We designed our rings to be flexible, yet hold their shape.

What you need to do is resize your silicone ring. 

Before you panic, remember we have a fantastic warranty! If you bought your ring with us, we cover all of our products with the No BS Warranty we mentioned above. All you have to do is fill out this form and exchange your silicone ring for a different size, no problem! 

3. I need a ring that won’t stretch out. Where can I get one?

We’re glad you asked! We just released the Zeus Anti-Stretch “King of all Rings” These rings were specifically designed for crazy-awesome adventurers who live a high-intensity lifestyle! If you consistently work with your hands, lift weights, or complete strenuous activities like rock climbing, you should probably invest in a ring that is a little extra durable. 

The Zeus Anti-stretch ring is three rings in one! The first inner band includes the air in, moisture out grooves that we are known for. The second band is the Anti-Stretch technology that offers the strength of metal but will still break to save your finger. The third, outer band is all style, featuring a new step-edge profile. You can grab your Zeus ring HERE.

While we designed our Groove Rings to avoid stretching, we want to encourage you to seek opportunities to stretch your horizons and challenge yourself each day. We created a ring that can support you in your journey, now it’s up to you to get out there and take it on!

Live your adventure and never look back!

Keep groovin’!


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