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How to Win a Gold Medal

How to Win a Gold Medal

Posted by Starla Gunter on

If you’re a Zeus ring, you already know.

One of the most popular and highest grossing events in world history is the Olympic Games.

Hosted in a different city of the world every two years, this event has a way of drawing family and friends together across the globe. Something about being huddled around a TV and watching some of the top athletes in the world compete in athletic competitions gets us pumped up. 

But have you ever wondered what it takes to win a gold medal?

When we watch the Olympics, we gaze wide-eyed as we see world-class athletes defy odds, break records, and somehow still make hard things look easy.

Well, Groove Life set out to do just that, and the end result was our Zeus ring.

We defied the odds, we broke records (if you’re keeping score), and we made a hard thing look easy by creating a ring that is better-designed, better-performing, and more enduring than meets the eye.

Let us show you how.

Skilled in Design

When we set out to design the Zeus ring, we wanted to create the ultimate, “king of all rings.” Our signature Groove Ring® is durable, flexible, and lightweight. But we wanted to go a step further and do something no one else had done before.

Which is why we made not just one ring, but three rings in one. The trinitiarian design makes this ring as close to perfect as possible.

Like all of those Olympians who bite their medals to test the purity, you won’t doubt the amazingness of this ring the second you put it on. No biting necessary.

We started with the most breathable inner band we’ve ever created. Our signature grooves allow air in while keeping moisture out, ensuring your finger stays dry and shrivel-free for all of those sweat-inducing adventures.

Next, we added our patented nylon band, exclusive to our Zeus collection. This anti-stretch band adds strength and form to our silicone ring, keeping it from stretching yet still allowing it to break when danger strikes.

Finally, our ultra-durable outer band completes the Zeus triad, engineered with extra grooves on the edges of the ring for maximum breathability. It holds everything together while still giving you that sleek design you’re looking for, and color that won’t stain or fade over time.

Trust us. You won’t find this design anywhere else.

But that’s not all.

Power in Performance

Not only does the Zeus ring have a masterpiece of a design. It’s functional, too.

Even if you’re not jumping off the high dive or barreling down an icy track via bobsled, you still deserve a ring that will perform and stand up to whatever life throws at you. Which is why we made the Zeus ring the strongest and most durable ring out there.

And never find yourself saying again, “Why didn’t I take off my ring to do that?”

In fact, you’ll be shocked at how this top-of-the-line ring is still as thin and lightweight as ever. You’ll barely notice you have it on, because the comfort factor is undeniable.

So go ahead, plan that four-wheeling trip you’ve been craving, sign up for that triathlon, or put your name down for the next company softball league.

With this ring, you’ll have everything you need to perform your very best.

Endurance to Last

One of the most underrated but vital elements in the success of an Olympic athlete is endurance.

Training, conditioning, and recovery are important to ensure athletes perform at their very best and endure to the finish line. Which is why we built a ring that’ll be around as long as you are (and maybe longer).

That’s right, a ring with a 94-year warranty. And not just that, but a “No BS” (no bad service) warranty.

Groove Life breaks the mold in providing unforgettable customer service through real, personal interactions and 24/7 availability. 

Our Zeus rings are built to endure the test of time, but we all know that life can take turns we can’t predict. So if you were to ever lose or break your Zeus ring, we’ll replace it. No questions asked. 

And if we haven’t convinced you yet that our Zeus ring is worthy of a gold medal, just check out some of the reviews from real customers…

Sleek and fits perfectly. Barely even notice it on my finger!” - Alex H.

“A great ring for everyday activities! Nothing out there like it!” - Zachary B.

“Best silicone ring on the market. I have bought a few, so you can trust me!” - Kareem R.

No longer wonder why our Zeus ring is Olympic-worthy. Actually experience it. 

Get yours today!

Groove Life.® Ready for Adventure.™ 

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