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Introducing Zeus: The

Introducing Zeus: The "King of All Rings"

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Introducing the most durable, breathable, and the TOUGHEST silicone ring to hit the market. You won’t be able to rest until you have this band of steel-like power strengthening your grip.

Meet the Zeus Ring

zeus groove life

Appropriately named after the mythical god of thunder, lightning and rain. The Zeus can handle anything you put it through and will retain its shape and strength. Intricately designed with our new Anti-Stretch™ technology, this band brings a whole new level of masculinity to the word “commitment.”

The King of All Rings

The Zeus ring was created for the warrior, the fighter, the man that pushes every part of life to the limit. This band is for the man who appreciates the rigid strength and stylish form of a metal ring but requires a band designed to be flexible with his daily challenges.

Sleek enough for the office, yet flexible enough to withstand the bench press, this ring is the ideal choice for any moment and every occasion. Meticulously crafted from pure medical-grade silicone, the Zeus is bulkier than the original Groove ring and stands out on your finger as a daily reminder of your ultimate commitment.

This "King of All Rings" is made of 3 rings fused into 1, each with a unique purpose, stacked on top of each other and united in one powerful band.

Band 1: The Groove Ring Signature Feature

The first, inner band includes breathable grooves, providing air in, moisture out technology. These grooves allow sweat and other moisture to release through air ports in the ring and leave your skin dry, clean, and rash-free. This technology frees your hands so you can run, hike, lift weights, and compete with nothing holding you back.

Band 2: Zeus Anti-Stretch™

The inner-molded Zeus Anti-Stretch™ band holds the ring’s shape and keeps it from deforming, so you don’t have to remove your ring while you’re lifting weights, chopping wood, or fileting your latest great catch. Don’t worry, if your ring does get caught this band will save your finger by breaking away safely. Plus, the Zeus is covered under our 94-year No BS Warranty. You’ll have another ring on your doorstep before you can say “thunderbolt!”

Band 3: Groov-y Style

This ring features an eye-catching, durable, medical-grade silicone outer band with a distinct, step edge that gives the beveled impression of metal with the flexibility of silicone…stylish, yet insanely durable.

The Perfect Gift for the Toughest Men

Are you giving the Zeus ring as a gift? The 9mm Zeus ring is customizable and an ideal choice for a wedding band or to represent a commitment to a favorite team, sport, or memory. The 9mm Zeus ring comes in six of our most popular colors: Midnight, Flat Dark Earth, Storm, Deep Stone, Olive Drab, and Deep Navy.

Are you ready to get this ring on your finger? What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Zeus ring and let the adventures begin!

Keep Groovin’!

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