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Surprise! Check out the Limited Edition Men’s Groove Belt™

Surprise! Check out the Limited Edition Men’s Groove Belt™

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

You’ve heard about The Groove Belt™, the most comfortable men’s belt in the world? Now, for a limited time, you can get this comfy belt with an all-new, trendy buckle! If you liked our cherry and walnut wooden accent belt buckles, you’re going to love this!

Whether you’ve been eyeing the Groove Belt for some time now but haven’t taken the dive yet, or if you have the belt but want it in a different color, your chance is here! The Groove Belt is now available in a limited edition, bamboo buckle paired with the olive Groove Belt.

It’s sharp, it’s outdoorsy, and it’s about to to knock your socks off.

The Limited Edition Groove Belt in Bamboo

Introducing Limited Edition Groove Belt with Bamboo Buckle

The Groove Belt is the belt you never knew you needed… until now. We tossed our standard Groove Belt in the mixer, added a sprinkle of wild with a hint of the exotic, and BAM! You’ve got the Limited Edition Bamboo Groove Belt.

The Groove Belt

What’s new?

Harness the strength of bamboo. Surprisingly stronger than steel, bamboo also just looks dang good. The brand new bamboo belt buckle is now available with the olive belt buckle crafting a look that works for the office, the backwoods, and everything in between. Whether you’re on a safari through the rainforest or saddling your steed in the ol’ west, this belt will fit right in.

Ideal for hunting and hiking, the Limited Edition Bamboo belt buckle on olive will blend right in with camouflage gear. Trendy yet functional, this belt holds its shape while flexing to fit the waistline comfortably.

Comfortable, Simple Men's Belt

About The Groove Belt

If you’re new to the Groove Belt, we’re about to blow your mind.

This belt is not “normal.” After testing crazy ideas for months, we’ve created the best men’s belt in the world. 

When you’re wearing the Groove Belt, you can kiss all of your waistline problems goodbye. No more cinching, tugging, slipping, or folding. You adjust your Groove Belt once and never have to do it again. The belt snaps and unsnaps with just one hand, thanks to high strength, neodymium magnets, and includes what we like to call Stiff-Tech™ (aka: no folding in your belt loops).

The Groove Belt, first released in 2020, is available in a variety of belt colors from camouflage to olive green. The buckle comes in black, deep stone, walnut, and light cherry, and now in bamboo as well!


The Warranty

Just in case you aren’t sure if you’re ready to say goodbye to your pain-in-the-butt leather belt, we’re gonna sweeten the deal by including our 94-Year No BS Warranty. We want you to treat this belt like man’s new best friend - sorry Fido - and take it hunting, skydiving, hiking Mount Everest… you name it! This belt is durable and up for the challenge.

If you love the belt but don’t love the look, check out more of our Groove Belts here! From simple basic black to belts with a hipster flair, we’ve got options for everyone. The Groove Belt is the ideal gift for the man who “has everything.” We read the reviews every day and can guarantee you this, every man needs a good belt. You can check the reviews out yourself, right here.

About Groove Life

We’re a group of big-time dreamers who actually get stuff done. We dreamed up the Groove Ring which is now saving fingers across the world. (You’re asking why fingers are in danger? Read this to find out.) Next, we created breathable watch bands for Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung! We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned so stay tuned… we’re just getting started.

Keep Groovin’!

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