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Our Top 5 Awe-Inspiring Reels

Our Top 5 Awe-Inspiring Reels

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Reels are the latest and most popular way to get connected with others on social media. In fact, so many adventurers out there have started making reels of themselves doing amazing things in amazing places. We cannot even fathom some of the things we’ve seen.

Here are the top 5 reels we’ve been talking about around the water cooler at Groove Life. We hope they inspire you, thrill you, and lead you to seek out adventure wherever you go.


Imagine being on a hike in a foreign country and finding yourself capturing footage of an earth-shaking avalanche. Whoa, this one took our breath away. 

Trail Running With a View

This next one has us thinking no amount of miles could tire us if we were running with this incredible backdrop.

Zooming Through Zion

Let’s head to the dreamy desert for this next one. This mode of transportation looks idyllic for getting around Zion National Park and taking in all of its beauty.

Sea Exploring

We’re taken away at the thought of kayaking through sea caves on Lake Superior. Wow! It’s giving us that itch to go exploring. 

Walking the Line

Think adventure doesn’t exist above a certain altitude? Well, you’d be wrong. Check out the ultimate dare-devil with this unbelievable feat.

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