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Social Distancing For The Outdoor Adventurer

Social Distancing For The Outdoor Adventurer

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

We’ve all seen the news, and by now, regardless of location, most of us are probably living in some state of isolation.

While there are some who find this to be a very minor deviation from normal life - oh hey, introverts *waves* - staying inside can be pretty dang tough for those who enjoy the outdoors!

It just isn’t as easy to get out there and surf, hike mountains or compete in marathons when literally EVERYTHING seems to be on pause.

Here at Groove, we want our families and communities to stay safe and are following our local guidelines and social distancing mandates. That being said, we get it. We’re going all stir crazy inside, too! Since we’re in the same boat, we decided to put our heads together and come up with some fun ways that adventurers, explorers, athletes, and other risk-takers can survive social distancing safely, and enjoy it, too!

While we thought up ideas that sound fun to us, feel free to keep what you like and forget the rest! The most important thing is that you are doing what gives YOU life. Adding another “to-do list” to your day could end up adding more stress, and if that’s the case, throw it out. Hopefully, these ideas will add a little extra fun to your day and help you survive and thrive through this season of waiting.

get creative with competition

Get creative with competition

Find fun ways to challenge yourself! Even if you’re stuck inside, there’s always room for a see 10, do 10 push-up challenge or a family game of Twister! If you’re craving a little healthy competition, grab a pair of paddles and play some paddle ball in the living room! You don’t need a lot of space to have fun! You could also check out some YouTube workout videos to remain active and fit while staying home!

plan you next big adventure

Plan your next big adventure

Wishing you were hiking in Colorado right now? Go ahead and start planning your next trip! You don’t have to set dates, just research fun things to do in the area and set some goals. When the time comes to get outside again, you can hit the trails with a plan. Even just researching your next trip can be rejuvenating and exciting.

do something that is uncomfortable

Challenge yourself to do something that is uncomfortable

If social distancing has come between you and most of your everyday hobbies and interests, take the opportunity to try something new. If journaling, reading a classic novel, or diving into a crazy-long board game like Catan or Monopoly are not naturally your favorite pastimes, you might end up having more fun than you’d think! If you are really up for a hilarious idea, check out our Gobble Challenge on Instagram and show us what you’ve got!

Grow in the skills you’ll need later on

Have you always wished that you had more time to develop certain skills? Guess what… the time is now. Go ahead and challenge yourself to complete a handstand, practice pull-ups, or develop a social media presence. You have the time now, and you’ll be glad you used it well later on. 

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Get outside

While it’s important to follow safety guidelines for your area, try and get outside and enjoy fresh air and exercise. Whether it’s taking a quick jog, going for a hike, or simply playing with the kids in the backyard, make sure you’re getting out and moving. Some of our Groove Life team have enjoyed having picnics and working outside in the backyard, to get a little extra sunshine while getting @#%& done!

keep thriving

Each day, do something that makes you thrive

During a stressful season when everything seems out of control, it’s important to do small things every day that make you feel productive and energized! Whether reading a book to your kids every night or doing 50 push-ups each day is your jam, why not take it on?

There’s a lot of bad news out there and we want to continue to encourage. We hope this list will help you continue to adventure and push your limits.! As you’re trying some of these things, take us with you! We’d love to see how the ways you’re staying focused and healthy so tag us on Instagram

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Wondering who we are?

If you found this blog post through Facebook or a quick Google search, you’re probably wondering who we are and what “Groove Life” has to do with adventure. We are an adventure brand that creates breathable, comfortable gear including silicone rings and watch bands. The idea for the original Groove Ring was born in the bush of Alaska and we haven’t stopped thinking up wild ideas since! Check out our store to see what it’s all about.

Keep Groovin’!

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