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wedding ring rash

A Practical Solution to Wedding Ring Rash

Posted by Addie Minton on

At Groove Life, we inspire you toward adventure, and we believe one of the greatest adventures of life is being deeply committed to a healthy and fulfilling marriage. We have worked hard to develop a wedding ring that crushes the challenges of traditional metal wedding bands. One of these challenges is called wedding ring rash.

History of Wedding Rings

Wedding bands have been a symbol of love and commitment for thousands of years. In fact, Historians believe wedding bands date back over 6000 years! Egyptians would braid plant lashings into rings to signify the joining of a couple in marriage. Later, in Roman and Greek societies, grooms would give an iron ring to their bride.

wedding ring rash

Avoid Wedding Ring Rash

When you proudly look down at the symbol of commitment on your finger and notice red skin under your ring, looking like your finger may fall off, it begins to feel more like a curse. What you are experiencing is what the medical world calls contact dermatitis. It’s what we at Groove call nasty, stinky, itchy, clammy ring syndrome! The skin becomes inflamed with a red rash and can nag you like those little mosquitos flying around your ears that ruin your epic hike through the Everglades.




Causes of Wedding Ring Rash

One of the most common causes of ring rash is nickel, which is found in most metal rings to some degree. That’s why you may hear this condition called "wedding ring rash." While nickel can cause a rash the instant it contacts skin, it is more common to see nickel allergies develop over time.

Even if a nickel allergy never interrupts your climb to the summit of Denali, a ring rash can also be caused by a buildup of chemicals, soap, or moisture trapped under the ring. Lotion, makeup, cleaning products, and other common, everyday items can become an irritant and result in a rash. Although this often occurs with metal rings, it can also occur with tight, smooth silicone wedding bands.

The Solution for Wedding Ring Rash

That’s how Groove Rings crashed the silicone ring market when we arrived on the scene just a few years ago. Creating space between the ring and skin, the silicone ring provides an escape route. The inner grooves and "air in, moisture out technology" eliminates soap and trapped chemicals while allowing airflow for moisture to escape and skin to dry properly.

When you get wedding ring rash you have a couple of options: You can take your ring off or place the ring on a different finger. We thnk you probably agree that not wearing the ultimate symbol of your life-long marriage commitment is not cool. Plus, swapping to a different finger increases the chance of spreading the rash. Stop the Madness! Get a better, more useful silicone ring from Groove Life.

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The Groove ring is hypoallergenic. It will not cause an allergic reaction and therefore will help you avoid the dreaded wedding ring rash. The flexible, silicone material and unique design make Groove rings the most comfortable silicone ring on the market.

Metal rings often contain impurities that react with common chemicals. This chemical reaction can occur due to the softness of the metal and how it retains common lotion, makeup, and household cleaners. A chemical reaction can cause toxic elements to be leached from the ring and absorbed by the skin.


wedding ring rash

No need to worry with Groove rings. They are made of silicone which will not leach toxic chemicals into the body. Silicone is inert - it does not react with other elements or compounds and has no known health hazards. Silicone is stable and maintains its flexibility even at extreme temperatures. It will not retain heat or transfer electric current. With no cancer-causing carcinogens or endocrine disruptors, the FDA has marked silicone as compliant and safe. Silicone is used in medical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries where high levels of hygiene and sanitation are required. If the FDA thinks it’s safe, you can bet it is!



Traditional metal rings get scratched over time. These tiny scratches collect organic material that provides the moist, fertile breeding ground that bacteria and disease need to grow. Silicone repels water and does not support microbiological growth. This not only makes cleaning easy, but ensures that whether you encounter dirt, mud, blood, or guts, the irritating gunk won't stick.

The Bottom Line on Silicone Rings and Wedding Ring Rash

Groove rings are more than just hypoallergenic. They are designed to breathe. This prevents moisture or any junk and grime building up between the skin and the ring. The Groove design also increases comfort and durability. So no matter what you get your hands into, rest assured that your Groove ring will comfortably be there for the long haul and give you the best chance at avoiding Wedding Ring Rash.

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(wedding ring rash photo by http://thelifeofsuz.blogspot.com)

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