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The best belt for hunting season: Camo Groove Belts

The best belt for hunting season: Camo Groove Belts

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Buckle up. Camouflage Groove Belts are here.

You have a Groove Belt for the office, for Sunday brunch after church, and for days on the job. What you’re missing is a belt for a day of hunting in the great outdoors… that is, until now.

Introducing Camo Groove Belts.

Specifically designed with hunters in mind, the Camo Groove Belt has all of the features of the original Groove Belt with the added bonus of camouflage “invisibility.” This belt is now available in Kryptek Highlander™ and Mossy Oak Breakup so you can match your belt to your favorite camo getup.

The Groove Belt: comfortable and now available in camouflage

About the Groove Belt

Here at Groove Life, we like to spot the complications in everyday items and make them disappear. If you’ve ever worn a belt (and unless you’re E.T. we’re gonna bet you have) you know the struggle of clunky, awkward buckles, the one-size-fits-none cinching options, and uncomfy material.

We combined proprietary webbing, rare-earth neodymium magnets and an A380 aluminum alloy buckle to create the most comfortable and most efficient belt in existence. The Groove Belt buckles with a simple, satisfying snap and can be unsnapped with just one hand. You adjust this bad boy to fit like a dream right when you buy it and never touch it again. The belt material has just enough stretch to allow for some Thanksgiving feasting without ever feeling uncomfy, and as a bonus, this belt holds its shape and will never fold in your belt loops.

To put it simply - you’ll never have to mess with adjusting it. Ever.

The Groove Belt is now available in camouflage.

The Camo Groove Belts

The brand new camouflage Groove Belts are available in Kryptek Highlander™ and Mossy Oak Breakup. We currently offer three different belt buckle options for camo belts: black, gun metal, and walnut.

Kryptek Highlander™

The Kryptek Highlander™ Belt is ideal for fishing, hiking, hunting… anything outdoors! This camo is designed to blend into any setting and also looks great with a pair of jeans and boots.

The Groove Belt in Kryptek Highlander Camo

Mossy Oak Breakup

This belt features Mossy Oak’s patented Breakup design. The authentic camouflage pattern makes this belt the perfect pairing with your Mossy Oak camo jacket and is ideal for a morning of deer hunting in the woods. 

The Groove Belt in Mossy Oak Breakup Camouflage

About Groove Life

Groove Life started out as the wild dream of wild adventurer Peter Goodwin as he worked as a guide in the bush of Alaska. He designed a silicone Groove Ring that could keep up with the most intense lifestyles! Today, we have expanded our team and stay busy dreaming up and creating new products for adventurers. Want to know more about who we are? Head over to our website and check out our mission and values!

Keep Groovin’! 

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