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Top 10 Essential Items to Take On Your Hunting Trip

Top 10 Essential Items to Take On Your Hunting Trip

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

You can smell it in the air. Hunting season is finally here.

All over the country, hunters are all aflutter preparing for their big weekend in the woods. 

Will this be the year you bag that monster buck?

After you pick out your favorite camo and grab your gunsand before you throw all your hunting gear in the truck—be sure to review our hunting checklist of a few basic must-have items for your next trip.

#1 Hunting Backpack

You’ll first need a solid, tactical hunting backpack for the small necessities. Look for a military-grade, lightweight backpack that offers slots for your bow, rifle, or pistol. They come in many cool camo designs and should be waterproof.

#2 Tactical Belt

Every hunter needs a trustworthy tactical belt. The Groove Belt™ is the perfect tactical belt, designed as a concealed carry belt and as a great companion for life in the wild.

It comes in several camo designs from our partners at Mossy Oak®, Realtree®, Kryptek®, and the Bone Collector™ himself, Michael Waddell. Check out our selection HERE.

#3 Hunting Footwear

You’ll be on your feet most of the day and the deer stand may be a long way into the woods. Depending on the terrain—mountain, in the woods, by the water, or open field—you’ll want to have the right hunting boots for the job. So, look for insulation on the inside and waterproofing on the outside of your hunting boots.

#4 Silicone Ring

Ditch the metal ring and grab a silicone Groove Ring® for the expedition. Just because you’re headed into the woods doesn’t mean you need to leave your wedding ring behind.

Groove Rings are perfectly designed for the modern
hunter—light, flexible, durable, water-resistant, and if your finger gets caught, the ring will break away instead of your finger. Plus, Groove Life also carries rings and watch bands from some of your favorite Camo companies, like Mossy Oak®, Realtree®, and Kryptek®. You’ll find them all HERE.

#5 Hunting Chair

A simple hunting chair can make all the difference. Your feet and legs will thank you. Look for an adjustable, quiet, lightweight hunting chair that will easily collapse. Your hunting blind may only require a hunting seat, but the same ‘quiet’ rules apply.

#6 Hunting Binoculars

You need to see things. Hunting binoculars will help. There are many powerful models on the market today. You may even want a pair of hunting night vision binoculars. One way or another, you’re gonna see that monster buck before he sees you.

# 7 Hunting Camera

First, set up a stationary trail camera before you go, that way you’ll know what kind of wildlife to expect. Look for a waterproof, motion detection camera with a minimum of 100ft distance. Second, be sure to bring your best personal hunting camera along, you’ll want to take some good shots once you bag that buck. Great hunting photography is dependent on a great camera.

#8 Hunting Knife

It may go without saying, but every hunter knows he needs a trusty knife out in the woods. There are many quality hunting knives on the market today. Look for a hunting knife that can cut tree limbs and help you field dress a deer. Be sure to sharpen yours before heading out, and maybe throw a backup knife in your backpack just in case.

#9 Compass

Listen, where you’re going, you’re gonna need a compass. Be sure to bring an old-fashioned compass that does not require cell service or batteries. Sure, your smartphone comes with a compass, and Garmin is very handy outdoors, but you may need an old-school alternative in case you get stuck.

#10 First Aid Kit

It’s always good to have a First Aid Kit with you in case you unexpectedly get hurt in a remote area. Most modern First Aid Kits come with the essentials: Bandages, tape, sterilization, and even ice packs. You may never need it, but if and when you do, you’ll be glad it’s there. 

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