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Top 4 Reasons the Groove Belt™ is a Superior Belt

Top 4 Reasons the Groove Belt™ is a Superior Belt

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

We designed the Groove Belt™ to be the toughest belt known to man.
And we believe that.

But don’t take our word for it, just ask MMA fighter Michael Chandler:

“Extremely strong. Feels like it was designed by NASA.”

Still need a convincer? Well, okay.

We put together a quick list of the top 4 reasons the Groove Belt is the best tactical belt on the market today.

The short list: Strong. Rugged. Perfect Fit. Stellar.

Now for the full explanation. Buckle up, buttercup.

#1 The Groove Belt’s webbing is STRONGER than a leather belt. 

Most belts are made from leather. Not the Groove Belt.

Our durable tactical belt is made from a super-strong proprietary webbing, engineered with incredible durability—and just enough stretch—to stay with you throughout the day.

Think of it!
No more droopy drawers.
No more pants on the ground.

This is the perfect belt for men on the slim side. It’s also the perfect tactical edc belt for those with a concealed carry permit.

And our webbing has no holes for the belt buckle. Why? So glad you asked. 

#2 The Groove Belt’s BUCKLE is way more RUGGED than your average belt buckle.

When it came time to redesign the average belt buckle, we pulled out all the stops. 

No more buckle designs from the bronze age.
No more holes in the belt.

We can do better. And we did.

The buckle we designed for the Groove Belt is made with aluminum alloy, featuring a magnetic latch and two neodymium magnets. No holes needed. 

When this baby clicks shut, you’ll know it, because it makes a sound that would satisfy even the most skeptical obsessive compulsive person among us.

Snap! Click! You’re secure.

  • Click. Like the sound the roller coaster safety bar makes right before they send you down the tracks.
  • Click. Like the last sound an astronaut hears before giving the thumbs up as she enters the space module.

Once this magnetic belt buckle snaps into place, you’ll never have to adjust it.

And going to the bathroom? A breeze.

Imagine life with that kind of security wrapped around your waist.

Now imagine a tactical belt that’s the perfect fit.


#3 The Groove Belt will be a PERFECT FIT

The Groove Belt comes in all the normal sizes—S, M, L, XL, XXL.

All belt sizes are listed in inches on our website. If you’re looking for the perfect belt for the man in your life and you know his waist size, simply refer to our chart here or on our website.

SMALL:                            28 - 32in
MEDIUM:                         33 - 36in
LARGE:                            37 - 40in
EXTRA LARGE:               41 - 50in

If you are still not sure you have found the right size, just text our customer service team and they will be happy to help!

Text us at 1-850-754-7348; we are here 24/7.

One way or another you will find the perfect fitting belt at Groove Life.

#4 The Groove Belt comes with a STELLAR warranty.

There are warranties and then there are warranties. This is the latter warranty. 
(Meaning the better one.)

When Peter Goodwin launched Groove Life, his first priority was to provide stellar, over-the-top customer service. Why? Because he’s been on the other end of bad customer service.

So when we say we have a 94-Year No BS Warranty, the ‘BS’ actually means two things.

First, yes...it means that.
Second, it means No Bad Service.

We stand behind every product we make and if for any reason it breaks, gets damaged or wears out, contact us and we will send you a replacement.

For all the details, you can read them HERE.

We have real, live, happy people right here in Tennessee who come to work in our customer service department to make sure each and every customer gets a fast, courteous response to their warranty claim. 

Text us at 1-850-754-7348; we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


It means you are now the proud owner of a tactical belt that looks just as good at the office as it does at the gun range.

It means your belt is now the coolest article of clothing in your closet.

It means your search for a strong, secure, tactical belt is over.

It means you can relax because if anything happens to the belt, it is covered by our warranty.

It means you are now free to go on your next adventure.

Groove Life®. Ready for Adventure™. 

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