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What Is My Ring Size? Groove Life's Size Guides

Posted by Kevin Beasley on

“What is my ring size?”  We hear that question daily. We understand! It can be confusing. Some ring companies give you instructions to measure your finger using a strip of paper or a string. No need for string - Our customer service is over the top! That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop three ring size guides to help you get the perfect silicone groove ring on the first try.

Our Short 30-Second Ring Size Guide Quiz

You might say, “I don’t have a ring and I don’t have a clue of my size.” This guide is for you! Our ring size specialists have put together a quick and easy four question ring size quiz. It’s fun and fast and will get you dialed down to a somewhat accurate ring size. Don’t worry! If you aren’t happy with the size of your ring when it arrives, we have a “No BS Unlimited Warranty.” Our customer service reps will send you another ring… no questions asked!

The best part of our Ring Size Guide?


Our Handy Ring Size App on Your Favorite Device

“I have a ring but I'm OCD and I need to make sure.”  We’ve got you covered. We want you to be blown away by how easy we make it to buy a silicone ring. We’ve developed an app for your favorite device that will help you determine your ring size. Just hop on over to the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for Groove Life. Once you download the app, you can use your existing ring to determine your ring size. Just lay your ring over the diagram in the “Sizer” tab at the bottom of the screen. It’s easy and more accurate and you only have to commit about 2 minutes. Now, hop back on our website to place your order, or even better, just order from the app!


Our Slow, but EXTREMELY Accurate Printable Ring Size Chart

“I don't have a ring and I have lots of spare time.Or maybe you just enjoyed those paper folding art projects when you were in 2nd grade. Our third ring size guide is for you! Be aware! This method requires a printer and a 20-minute break from the daily grind. But you will have an accurate measurement to determine your ring size. Go to our website, click on our ring size chart and print out the pdf on your printer. After you’ve printed it out, you will have to follow the instructions, determine your ring size and double check for accuracy, but you’ll be set to order your very first Groove ring!  
















 You’re Ready to Get Your Groove On!

Alrighty! Go take one of these simple ring size guides and then pick out your favorite Groove Life Silicone Ring! You have a ton of choices. Our rings are as unique as you!

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