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What Is the Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sitting?

What Is the Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sitting?

Posted by Ryan Skidmore on

You’ve taken the necessary steps to concealed carry, so now you just need to find some good holsters to help you do it right. It’s relatively easy if you happen to be on your feet a lot, but what if you find yourself sitting for long periods of time?

Pick the wrong holster and you could find yourself wishing you’d left your gun securely at home. So what is the best concealed carry holster for sitting? The short answer: it depends.

Factors to Consider

The first thing to understand is the factors that impact what holster you should choose. To start, there’s the matter of location. Different holsters are designed to be carried by different parts of your body, which have an effect on both their concealability and your comfort. You may not find an IWB holster to be comfortable while sitting for prolonged periods of time as much as, say, an ankle holster might be. Another important factor to consider is how you’ll be dressed. You might need a different holster if you’re wearing more professional attire than if you were wearing a loosely fitted t-shirt and jeans, as an example. The size of the gun and its position will also have a role to play.

A Holster Worth Looking At

So what holster should you be looking at? You need something that will hold your gun and clip in place, won’t dig into your side or stomach, and has the versatility to let you conceal and carry your gun in a variety of situations. For these reasons, you might consider the CREATRILL bundle. It comes with a belly band and ankle holster, offering you greater versatility while minimizing discomfort and at an affordable price. 

If that specific holster isn’t quite to your liking, there are other great belly band holsters and ankle holsters that you can get that achieve the same thing. The point is to find something that will be comfortable for you all day long that protects your gun. With a belly band, you don’t have to worry about extra weight hanging off of your waist. Since you’re sitting, you don’t have quite the same awkwardness that comes with reaching for an ankle holster that you do if you’re standing.

Tips for Staying Concealed While Sitting

Once you’ve picked out the perfect concealed carry holster to use while sitting, it’s time to get familiar with using it. Ideally, that means practicing with it before you start carrying your gun around in it in public. As you practice, you can experiment with different positions and cants to find the one that will be the most comfortable. From there, it’s a matter of making sure your firearm stays concealed.

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the key factors will be how you dress. If you choose to carry your gun on your waistband, you’ll need a solid belt to support it. That belt should be made from high quality materials and distribute the weight of your gun and holster evenly to avoid creating uncomfortable pressure. Depending on the style of holster you choose, you may find it helpful to tuck your shirt in to provide some extra coverage. Otherwise (or perhaps in addition to), long shirts and clothing that falls past your waistline is ideal. Remember, layers can go a long way towards avoiding the shape of your gun showing through your clothing. On a similar note, wear your pants higher on your waist. It may be less fashionable, but it’s far more practical. Your waist tends to move a lot less than your hips, providing your gun and holster with greater stability if you choose to carry on your waistband. If you happen to wear a button-up shirt or similar top unbuttoned, feel free to hold it closed while sitting or standing to avoid showing your firearm on accident.

Then there’s your habits and behaviors. The whole point of concealed carry is to avoid advertising to people that you have a gun. For that reason, you shouldn’t act like you’re wearing one. That means not putting your hand on your holster when you stand up and sit down. Avoid making adjustments in public as well. Your holster should have good enough retention that you aren’t worried about your gun falling out. This is part of why practicing with your firearm and holster is so important. It’s hard to act normal in the presence of something abnormal. The more used to carrying your firearm in that holster and moving around with it, the less likely you’ll be to give yourself away.

Having a good concealed carry holster that allows you to sit comfortably for long periods of time can be a game changer when it comes to carrying while at work or when you’re driving. Unfortunately, the answer to the question of what the best concealed carry holster for sitting is isn’t quite so straightforward as pointing to one single holster. Like your gun, choosing a holster is a very individual matter. Make sure that the one you choose fits both you and your gun comfortably so you can enjoy all the comfort and security that choosing to conceal and carry a gun has to offer.

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