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What You’ve Missed

What You’ve Missed

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

What’s up, adventurers!  We hope you are finding creative ways to have fun and stay active these days!

We sure are! In fact, we’ve been staying pretty busy during these past three months - releasing new products, hosting fun challenges, and (confession time) binge-watching Tiger King.

We got to thinking… while this whole internet world has been spinning with coronavirus news, there are a few exciting stories that you might have missed! So today, we’re giving you an update on what’s been happening in the Groove Life here in Tennessee, and sharing a little glimpse of what’s coming up!

Groove Life Turkey Call Gobble Challenge

The Gobble Challenge:

In March, we hosted a Gobble Challenge to see who could do the best turkey call impression, kicking off the fun with our very own Goodwin Dad/Son duo! We gave away prices ranging from $500 to $1,000 every day and had a blast catching all the entries! You can enjoy them too, right here.

Zeus Anti-Stretch Thin Edge Ring

NEW design: Zeus Thin/Edge

Our #1 bestselling ring has a brand new look! The Zeus Anti-Stretch™ is the most durable silicone ring on the market. Meet the Zeus Edge. This spring, we added a beveled edge to the ring to give the impression of metal to the comfortability and safety of silicone!

Not only did we add a new look to the Zeus, but it’s now available in thin! The Zeus Thin comes in brand new colors and is ideal for women and those who prefer a low impact ring with extra durability.

Brand new tiger silicone rings groove life

NEW RING: Tiger Rings

That’s right! Our leopard print silicone rings were leaping off the shelves so feline-fast that we decided to expand the collection to include Tiger Rings! Perfect for fans of Tiger King, or simply for those who prefer to live on the wild side, this ring is a great way to express your individuality! Tiger Rings also come in black and white, so check that one out here!

Groove Art Contest

Groove Art Contest

Since everyone was sitting at home twiddling their thumbs, we enlisted some folks to twiddle a paintbrush instead! The four winners of the Groove Art Contest had their very own designs printed on a Groove Ring. We were blown away by all of your talent and are so excited to share these brand new limited edition rings with the world! Grab one for yourself here.

The Groove Belt

NEW PRODUCT: The Groove Belt

On May 1st, we launched a Kickstarter for a brand new product, and it was fully funded in just four hours! Talk about insane! The Groove Belt™ capped out at just over $900,000 and will be hitting the shelves this month! Perfect for sitting at a desk or hiking Everest, this belt includes just the right amount of stretch for comfort while holding your pants up right. You can snap this belt with just one hand and sip your coffee at the same time - now that’s productivity right there. Click here to sign up for launch updates, or head over here to learn more!

As you can tell, we are always coming up with brand new ideas for groundbreaking products and hilarious competitions. Stay up with the latest Groove Life stunts by hanging out with us on Facebook or Instagram, or signing up for our emails!

And don’t forget… if you’re creative, there’s always an opportunity to live adventurously!

Keep Groovin’!

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