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Good News on Coronavirus

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

Hey guys! Peter, founder of Groove Life, here. 

If you’re like me, you are getting a steady dose of negative news from...EVERYWHERE.  

Well, guess what? There is good news coming out about COVID-19 and I want to share it with you. Note: I’ve linked the original articles under each point and have an important notice at the end of this post.

Updated 4/13/2020 Peter Goodwin


Texas Governor developing a plan to allow businesses to reopen.

Due to accessible testing options, Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he is putting together a plan to “restore livelihoods” and help people return to work as soon as possible to minimize damage to the economy. More details will be available next week. 

Read the full article here.


Coronavirus death estimate keeps lowering

The CDC initially had estimated that as a worst-case scenario there would be 1.7 million deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. On March 26th the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projected a shockingly lower number of 81,000 deaths by June 1st. As of April 8th, that number dropped again to 60,145. That number just keeps dropping as experts gain a more accurate understanding of the situation. 

Read the full article here.


John Krasinski launches Some Good News YouTube channel

Almost as exciting as a new season of The Office is the news that John Krasinski, who is best known for playing Jim Halpert on the show, has launched his own Some Good News YouTube channel! He’s ready to spread some smiles by posting only positive content. 

Visit his YouTube channel here.


People serving each other by making masks

Those who are socially isolating at home are staying busy, working hard with a heart for the elderly and immunocompromised population. Masks are in high demand right now, but many people are stepping up to the challenge by purchasing a sewing machine and creating them for others. 

Create your own DIY mask here.


Astronauts send encouraging messages from space

It’s easier to see the big picture when looking at Earth from space, and that’s just what we get to do, thanks to the astronauts at the International Space Station. They are sending beautiful photos of their view of earth to encourage positivity with the hashtag #EarthStrong. 

Read the full article here.


GoPro launches #HomePro challenge to encourage adventure indoors

GoPro empowers people to take adventure to new heights, which is difficult to do while social distancing. To inspire creativity during isolation, GoPro launched a #HomePro challenge and are giving away cameras to winners each day through the month of April! The content people come up with is hilarious and worth a look.

Read the full article here.


Lower death rate in China than previously estimated

A team of infectious disease experts studying COVID-19 released some good news. They found that the fatality rate in people symptomatic of the virus in Wuhan, China now stands at 1.4%, much lower than expected. This new study offers a guide to other countries fighting the outbreak.

Read the full article here.


COVID-19 showing low risk for children

Having four kids myself, much of my fear revolves around their safety. Thankfully, the data is showing how low the risk is to them. Coronavirus has not claimed any lives in children under age 9 worldwide, and only one child under 19 years of age. 

Read the full article here.


A new focus on getting America back to work is emerging in the mainstream media

A New York Times article, by Thomas Friedman, offers a refreshing, alternative take to the tactics we have used recently to control the virus. Here’s the main question addressed in the article: “Can we more surgically minimize the threat of this virus to those most vulnerable while we maximize the chances for as many Americans as possible to safely go back to work as soon as possible?”

Read the full article here.


Starbucks is reopening stores in China

Six weeks after shutting its doors nationwide, Starbucks has now reopened over 4000 locations. This is a great sign that the worst is over in China after a little over a month. We hope to see the same pattern here in the USA. 

Read the full article here.


Every day, signs of recovery

This update comes from Michael Levitt, 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry. Levitt looks at the stats from 78 countries with more than 50 reported cases of COVID-19 every day and sees “signs of recovery,” focusing on the number of new cases, not the cumulative figure. “Numbers are still noisy, but there are clear signs of slowed growth,” he told the LA Times, claiming that, however, the trajectory of deaths in the US backs up his finding.

Read the full article here.


Hydroxychloroquine is being distributed in New York City

An anti-malarial drug may help in fighting COVID-19. President Trump announced in his daily briefing Tuesday that 10,000 units will be distributed in New York City. The results may be good news in our fight against the virus. The president shared that there is very little presence of the virus in countries where malaria is prevalent and this drug is used. He also said in his update that vaccines are “coming along quickly.”

Read the full article here.


Scientists in Canada make massive breakthroughs in developing a vaccine 

A team of Canadian scientists has finally isolated and grown copies of the Coronavirus, which may help in studying the pathogen to develop better testing, treatments, vaccines, and gain a better understanding of its biology.

Read the full article here.


    No new cases in China

     For the first time since the virus broke out, there have been no new cases of COVID- 19 in China during the last 24 hours. YAY!!!!!!!

    Read the full article here.


    South Korea's dramatic drop in new cases

    After its peak of 909 newly reported COVID-19 cases on February 29th, South Korea has now seen a dramatic drop in the number of new cases reported daily.

    Read the full article here.


    Other drugs working

    Doctors in India have successfully treated two Italian patients with COVID-19, by administering a combination of drugs — principally Lopinavir and Ritonavir, alongside Oseltamivir and Chloroquine. Several are now suggesting the same medical treatment, on a case-by-case basis, globally.

    Read the full articles here & here.


    Antibodies to the rescue

    Researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an antibody that can fend off infection by COVID-19.

    Read the full article here.


    103-year-old recovery

    A 103-year-old Chinese woman has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for 6 days in Wuhan, China, becoming the oldest patient to beat the disease.

    Read the full article here.


      Retail reopening in China

      42 Apple stores are reopening to the public in China.  Other retailers are expected to follow.

      Read the full article here.


      Mortality rates may be inflated

      Experts predict that Italy has seen a higher mortality rate of COVID-19 given its significant aging population, as well as its higher percentage of COVID-19 patients with pre-existing health conditions. This might suggest that COVID-19’s fatality rate may have been slightly more inflated than previously thought for the general population.

      Read the full article here.


      2-hour testing

      Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center has developed a COVID-19 test that can now deliver results in just two hours, rather than in a matter of days.

      Read the full article here.


      It's looking better every day! We still have a ways to go, but don’t lose hope!  There are a lot of very smart people working on this. God is in control and we have the choice to stay positive! Hang in there and stay focused on the good ahead.

      We will continue to update this blog post with information concerning COVID-19 so make sure to check back daily for more good news updates.

      Important: While we find this news to be uplifting and give us hope, we are not medical researchers and suggest you check out the source links we included for yourself. Please be safe and continue to follow all quarantine and other recommended measures by those in local and national government as well as the medical community.

      God bless, and Keep Groovin!  




      Other Sources: Peter Diamandis’s blog. You can read his blog here

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