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How Should a Silicone Ring Fit?

Posted by Groove Life on

How Should a Silicone Ring Fit?

Silicone rings have become more and more popular. And that’s not a surprise as they have beautiful designs and are very comfortable and versatile. However, if you pick the wrong size, you may either lose this accessory quickly or feel uncomfortable wearing it, so that’s a crucial factor to take into consideration before making a purchase. But how should a silicone ring fit? Keep on reading to learn more about choosing the right size!

Why Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings are safer to wear and require less maintenance than the standard metal ones, so they are perfect for people who work with their hands, have an active lifestyle, or simply don’t want to waste their precious time keeping their accessories in good condition.


What’s more, silicone rings are durable and, at the same time, less expensive than gold or silver ones. Apart from that, they offer a wide range of colors and styles, so they can reflect your style and personality more accurately.

How to Find the Right Silicone Ring?

Measuring your ring size is the first step in finding the perfect silicone ring. It's essential to measure your finger accurately because silicone rings cannot be resized. Use a flexible measuring tape or string and wrap it around the base of your finger where the ring will sit. Make sure the measuring tool is snug but not too tight, and note the measurement down.

Once you have your measurement, refer to the manufacturer's size chart to find the closest match. Our products are available in many different sizes and varying widths to accommodate diverse finger shapes. If you fall between two sizes, it's generally recommended to size up for more comfort.

How Should a Silicone Ring Feel to Fit Well?

When trying on a silicone ring, it should fit snugly but not too tight so that there is still some air - otherwise, you may develop a red rash. The ring shouldn't interfere with blood flow, make you uncomfortable, or leave an impression on your skin when removed. On the other hand, if the ring feels too loose or slips off easily, it's likely too large, and you may easily lose it by accident.


It's important to keep in mind that silicone rings may feel looser than traditional rings due to their stretchy material. However, they should still fit securely enough to stay in place during daily activities. If the ring slides around excessively or falls off easily, it's probably too big.

How Wide Should a Silicone Ring Be?

Another consideration is the width of the ring. Silicone rings come in various widths, from slim bands to wider styles. A narrower band may feel less noticeable and more comfortable for those with smaller fingers or who prefer a minimalist look. 

However, wider bands may provide added stability and prevent the ring from twisting on the finger, so you need to think about what’s more significant for you personally.

Is It OK That Silicone Rings Cling to the Flesh and Skin?

Yes, due to their rubbery material, silicone rings are likely to cling to your flesh and skin a bit. That is all right since they move when you move, and they don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Still, when wearing a silicone ring, it's essential to maintain proper hygiene to prevent bacteria buildup and skin irritation. Make sure to remove the ring regularly and clean it with warm water and mild soap. Moreover, avoid wearing it during activities that may cause excessive sweating, and consider removing it during showering or swimming.

Do You Provide Any Help in Measuring the Silicone Ring Size?

To help you choose the right silicone ring size as much as we can, we have prepared a ring sizing guide. You can find two useful tools that will make it possible for you to determine the size of your ring.

Groove Life App

For a better customer experience, we have created an intuitive and convenient app providing many useful features. You can use it to stay up-to-date with our offers and not miss any new products or sales, but that is not all we have for you - there is also a possibility to check your size using the app. 

All you have to provide is a different ring you wore (it can be a traditional metal one). Make sure to check if this ring still feels well before you use the measuring tool. It should be tight enough to prevent falling off and loose enough to make you feel comfortable and leave some room for your skin to breathe.

The Paper Test

If you don’t have any other ring to measure, you can use another tool we have prepared for you. Open our measurement sizing sheet and print it out at 100% on your printer settings. To ensure it reflects the sizes correctly, put a quarter in the designated place and check if it fits. If not, your measurements won’t be accurate. 

When you ensure everything is as it should be, grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut the ring sizer. Make a small cut on the line labeled “Your Size.” Then, create a small circle by slipping the pointed end through the slit. 

Place the ring sizer around your finger and pull the pointed end gently so that it fits you snugly. Take a look at the “Your Size” slit - the number you will see there is the right size you should pick when buying a silicone ring in our online store!


In conclusion, finding the perfect fit for a silicone ring is essential for comfort, safety, and longevity. By measuring your finger accurately, referring to size charts, and considering width and thickness, you can ensure a snug but not too tight fit. 

To make it easier for you to find the right size, we have added a measuring feature to our dedicated app, and we have prepared a paper ring sizer for you to print out.

Remember that silicone rings offer versatility and convenience while providing protection and comfort, which makes them a valuable investment for anyone in search of the perfect ring.

If, despite following our guidelines, it turns out that your ring doesn’t fit well, you can always return or exchange it. For assistance with that or anything else concerning our online store, visit our help center.
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