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Keeping our Customers and Employees Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Bryant Garvin on

If there is one thing all of us can be certain about these days, it’s that things are much different than they were just a couple weeks ago.

Most of us are “sheltering in place” with our families, and limiting our excursions out of the house to just catch some sun or grab essential products (like toilet paper).

While safety at Groove Life® has always been a focus, we’ve stepped up and changed a few things over the last couple of weeks, as well, to help in these times. 

Our core values at Groove Life include being authentic and transparent. So, we want to make sure that you, as one of our customers, feel secure in your purchases.

We have done everything possible to make sure that the Groove Rings and Groove Watch Bands you wear on a daily basis are the last thing you worry about.

How are we doing this?

Groove Products are all customized in and ship from Spring Hill, TN

Customized in Tennessee Badge


Each one of our rings or watch bands ship from our headquarters. Our rings are engraved, painted, and even printed right here in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Many part for our products do come from out of the country, but most of the product we are shipping out of our warehouse has been here since the end of 2019.

For any new product parts coming in from out of the country, we have a quarantine process in place. We have a dedicated employee that uses an N95 mask, as well as gloves to put the packages in a separate storage. They stay there for an additional week before the same employee then checks them in to be customized and shipped to customers

Each employee printing, customizing, painting, and shipping product is being extra careful.     

Engraving New Rings Wearing a Mask at Groove Life              Painting Custom Rings Wearing a Mask at Groove Life

All employees in our fulfillment center have been equipped with masks and keep a 6-foot distance apart at all times. 

Wearing a Mask During Covid-19 While Getting Customers Ring Orders Ready to Ship at Groove Life

We have a limited number of people in the office at any given time to ensure the health of our employees who have continued to work to make sure that you get your Groove Life product.

We sanitize all work spaces, door knobs, and meeting rooms to the standard of OSHA regulations regularly throughout the day.

Remote Work

Our Marketing, Wholesale, and Customer Service departments have learned to adjust to working remotely throughout the last month.

All calls happen through Zoom, Slack or Google Hangouts. Although it’s been challenging to keep collaboration up, we’ve learned to be productive even when we’re apart. 
Groove Life Marketing Zoom Call

We’ve taken initiative to keep spirits high through our “mandatory fun” programs and keeping our teams connected in a time of isolation.

And we have tried to find ways for our customers to “socially distance” while still having some fun. Mental health is important, too! That’s why we launched the ring design contest, and our most recent #GobbleChallenge.

Helping to #SupportLocal And Keep Them & You Safe

With retailers ranging from mom-and-pop stores to the Fortune 500 experiencing a difficult time, we are making an effort to help these retail stores earn money online through our new Retail Relief Program.

The Retail Relief Program utilizes a unique discount code for each retailer affected by the Coronavirus to be compensated up to 27% of sales sent to Groove Life’s website. You get to support your favorite local business, get awesome rings or watch bands and a little discount as well.

We know it’s not safe for many of the retailers to have their doors open, so by leveraging their email list and social media presence, retailers are able to earn revenue online through our website.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe. We will get through this together and be stronger than ever before! 

As always if you ever have questions please reach out to [email protected]

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