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Restaurant Support Project

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

Hey everybody, it’s Peter Goodwin here… founder of Groove Life.

As you all know, we’re living in some crazy times, and it’s extra important that we all stick together through this season. That being said, I wanted to fill you in on an exciting plan we’ve been working on here in our local town of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

As I was picking up takeout from a local restaurant a few weeks back, I noticed that nobody else was around. People are not ordering takeout and restaurants are struggling in the wake of social distancing.

The fact is, folks still can support their local restaurants by placing pick-up orders and buying gift cards during this season. Even just a small thing like that makes a huge difference.

As a local business owner, I wasn’t content to settle with a few nights of takeout each week as my contribution. Surely we could do more to make a difference.

My team and I thought up a crazy idea to help out our local restaurants in Spring Hill.

This month, we are partnering with local restaurants to give a “spend $20 or more, get $10 off” deal to the first 100 customers at each location! All you have to do is spend $20, post a selfie on social media in front of the restaurant sign using the hashtag #supportspringhill, and let the cashier know! You’ll get $10 off your order!

Participating restaurants include (exclusively Spring Hill, TN locations):

Bodega on Main, Culver’s, Delta Bound Southern Food Joint, Fainting Goat Coffee, Legacy Coffee, Mac’s Burgers and Beer, Power Up Nutrition, and Juice Bar.

This is our way of supporting our local community and giving back. If you don’t live in the area, we encourage you to make sure you’re still ordering takeout, buying gift cards, and supporting your community in creative ways!

We’re all in this together!

Keep Groovin’!

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