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Groove Life Press/Media Kit

About Groove Life

GrooveLife launched in 2016 with the release of their flagship product the Groove Ring. Founder, Peter Goodwin wanted to wear a ring that showed his commitment to his family while meeting the demands of his work as an Alaskan guide and wilderness lodge owner. His creation not only offers durability and functionality, but rugged good looks as well.


About Peter

Like you, Peter Goodwin, Groove’s founder, needed high quality gear for his active lifestyle. As a bush pilot, hunting / adventure guide, and lodge owner in Alaska, Peter noticed his metal wedding band just didn’t work for his active lifestyle.

"I loved the idea of a safe, comfortable silicone wedding band but the functionality wasn’t there. I knew I could make a better alternative."

Starting with functionality, he designed breathable grooves that allowed air in and moisture out.

"I knew the inner grooves would allow my finger to breathe while piloting, fishing or working out."

This, coupled with an unlimited lifetime warranty, makes Groove the premium choice in wedding bands for people who have an active lifestyle.

"In my line of work, lifetime warranties are essential. We use and abuse our gear and premium quality is of the utmost importance."

Peter recently sold his lodge and guiding operation in Alaska and moved the entire Groove Team to Nashville, TN to an old school building.

Moving from Alaska was an extremely hard decision but Groove had grown to a point that it was in the best interest for the company and our team."

"I created Groove Life to represent what I value most in life. Functionality, quality, and a commitment to put people above profit."

Share Your Groove!
Whether hunting in Alaska or running a 5k in Florida, we want to hear how you use Groove. Tag us @groovelife and share it. We randomly send cool stuff to awesome people living life to the fullest.

What We Stand For
Here at Groove we believe business is one of the best ways to connect and serve people. Besides serving our customers with the best products and customer service humanly possible, we have partnered with several great organizations that serve the less fortunate. From serving the families of fallen heroes to fighting sex trafficking of children in Eastern Europe, we are committed to leveraging our business to impact peoples lives.

Welcome to Groove.