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sweepstakes image of Tahoe Z71

Drum roll please...

We are thrilled to announce the lucky winner of our March Sweepstakes - congratulations to
Mike S. from North Carolina!

Mike's phone rang for the third time in the grocery store, and although he was hesitant to answer, he eventually picked up and responded with a questioning "hello." On the other end of the line, Peter Goodwin from Groove Life announced that Mike had won the Built for Adventure sweepstakes, giving him a choice between a brand new Tahoe Z71 or $75,000 in cash.

Mike is still beside himself, wondering if this is real or just a dream. We are  thrilled that we can bless Mike's family as "it came at a very unique time where it would be needed."

Mike happened to purchase his third Groove Life ring and was entered into the sweepstakes last month. He was actually wearing it when we called and said, "I love it. There's no other one (ring)
like it!"

We're honored to have played a small part in bringing this fantastic opportunity to his life.

Congratulations once again to Mike, and thanks to all of you who participated in our sweepstakes! Stay tuned for future adventures with the Groove Life team.