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Michael Chandler working out
Joe Rogan giving a thumbs up with his golden retriever

Joe Rogan

American comedian, podcaster, actor and mixed martial arts | @joerogan

Philip Rivers smiles off to the side in his football uniform, holding a football under his arm

Philip Rivers

Pro Football Player

Michael Chandler crouches in workout gear, with a weight ball in front of him

Michael Chandler

MMA World Champion Fighter | @mikechandlermma

Michael Waddell, dressed in camo, smiles while holding his gun strap

Michael Waddell

The Bone Collector | @officialbonecollector

Katie Van Slyke crouches next to the antlers of an elk she's hunted

Katie Van Slyke

Hunting/Fishing Influencer | @katievanslyke

Henry and Lakeisha Woodard hug each other as the pose for the camera

Henry and Lakeisha Woodard

Halo Outdoors | @halo_hunting

Omar "Crispy" Avila

Veteran and Motivational Speaker | (@crispy11b)

Justin Martin holds a fish up to the camera

Justin Martin

Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty | @jmartinduckman

Randy Couture gives a thumbs up and holds up a string of bullets with a tan jeep in the background

Randy Couture

Athlete, Actor, Army Veteran | @xcnatch

JB Mauney sits on a fence at an arena, with a hand on his knee

JB Mauney

2x pbr world champion | @jbmauneyxv

Ott Defoe holds his fishing rod and displays a fish he just caught

Ott DeFoe

professional bass fisherman | @ottdefoe

Matt Drury smiles with his bow slung over his shoulder

Matt Drury

DRURY OUTDOORS | @mattdrury81

Jacob Wheeler

Jacob Wheeler

Professional Bass Fishing Angler | (@wheelerfishing)

Chantae McMillan Langhorst stands in profile holding a javelin

Chantae McMillan Langhorst

Olympian | @chan_taemac

Rich Froning holds up a groove ring while shirtless

Rich Froning

crossfit athlete | @richfroning

Jeb Burton suits up before a stock car race

Jeb Burton

professional stock car driver | @jebburtonracing

Josh Gallagher looks down at his hands while he plays guitar at a show

Josh Gallagher

musician | @joshgallaghermusic

Andre Crews flexes his biceps in front of a white wall and american flag

Andre Crews

Crossfit Athlete + Gym Owner | @andrecrews

Brooke Sweat smiles in a red sporty jacket

Brooke Sweat

Beach Volleyball Player/Olympian | @brookesweat

Jon Reyes sits on a concrete staircase with his scooter in front of him

Jon Reyes

Professional Scooter Athlete | @jonreyesnyc

Ben Smith works out on a exercise machine in a gym

Ben Smith

crossfit athlete | @bsmit13

Jason Elam holds his hand up to display his super bowl and groove rings

Jason Elam

Pro Football Player

Shane Mowery stands in front of a river with a heavily laden backpack on his back

Shane Mowery

Bone Maniacs | Owner @bone_maniacs

Ashley Hall holds her black lab in a lake, while the dog holds a water toy in his mouth

Ashley Hall

Hunting/Fishing Influencer | @ashleyhalloutdoors

Taylor Drury looks through her binoculars at something out of picture

Taylor Drury

DRURY OUTDOORS | @taylordrury

Ward Burton displays his groove ring on the sidelines of a raceway

Ward Burton

Daytona 500 Winner/Conservationist | @wardburtonwbwf

Justin Holt stands holding a large rifle in his left hand and a rooster wearing a gold chain in his right hand

Justin Holt

photographer | @holtworks

Amber Massey holds up her baby son in a pool

Amber Massey

blogger | @masseya

Lance Pekus sits on his motorcycle with his helmet pushed up so you can see his face

Lance Pekus


Laura Longnecker holds up her compound bow

Laura Longnecker

Outdoor Adventure Influencer | @laura.longnecker

Jenny Patton lifts a kettle bell outside of a metal building

Jenny Patton

crossfit athlete | @jennyyfromthebox

Terry Drury looks off to the side while standing in a dense forest

Terry Drury


Tessa Shetter holds up a large silver fish while crouching next to a lake

Tessa Shetter

Fly fishing angler + Photographer | @tessashetter

Cody Latimer catches a football midstride at an indoor training facility

Cody Latimer

professional athlete | @clats14

Adam Klink walks forward with a a weighted sack thrown over his shoulders

Adam Klink

crossfit athlete | @adamklink

Mark Drury takes aim with his compound bow

Mark Drury


Jordan Massey, in firefighter gear, holds his young child up and looks at him

Jordan Massey

firefighter | @masseyjordan

Bill Silliman stand-up paddleboards in churning whitewater

Bill Silliman

surfer | @bill.sup27

Danielle Hart trains on a track surrounding a football field

Danielle Hart

Marathoner | @daniellehartruns

Aaron Hanna sitting against wooden drawers, looking at the camera

Aaron Hanna

Crossfit Athlete + Gym Owner | @aaron_hanna

Jerico cheers at a Spartan race while wearing a bear hat


spartan athlete | @wericobear

Cara Harper poses with a trout fished from the river behind her

Cara Harper

Lifelong Hunter | @_caraharper

Erik Harris yells with a football in his right hand during a game

Erik Harris

professional athlete | @e_harris_30

Shaana Bishop tandem jumps out of an airplane

Shaana Bishop

Photographer | @shaanamariiee

Seth Buchwalter poses with the silver medallion he won at a Spartan Race

Seth Buchwalter

spartan athlete | @pnw_ocr

Rory McKernan stands in front of a brick wall with his wife hugging him from behind

Rory Mckernan

crossfit athlete | @rorymckernan

Nick Key works in his carpentry shop, using a nail gun

Nick Key

woodworker | @keywoodworks

Wadih Matar poses with an award he won, in front of a wall with many displayed awards

Wadih Matar

bowhunter | @lebanese_bowhunter

Nicole Oliver poses with a pretty trout in front of a foggy river

Nicole Oliver

Hunting/Fishing Influencer | @nicolejoliver

Mike Lyrik poses next to another man in a record studio

Mike Lyrik

musician | @mikelyrik

Jeremiah Doughty kisses a large saltwater fish he recently caught

Jeremiah Doughty

from field to plate | @fromfieldtoplate

Tiffany Wysocki runs along a long sandy beach

Tiffany Wysocki

Marathoner | @sockyrunner

A man in camo points off camera for his duck dog, a black lab

Deke's Waterfowl


Drew Short gives a thumbs up in his woodshop

Drew Short

woodworker | @rhwoodshop

Crag Demartino free climbs up a smooth side of a cliff

Craig Demartino

adaptive climber | @craigdem

Chuck Swisher ducks a bull as he helps to protect a cowboy from its horns

Chuck Swisher

Rodeo Athlete | @cswish116

Tati More poses with headphones and a groove ring

Tati More

video editor | @djtatimore

Hunter Renfroe poses in front of a banner with his Padres-styled bat over his shoulders

Hunter Renfroe

professional athlete | @hunterrenfroe

Justin Cunanan measures a block of wood in his woodshop, with an American flag in the background

Justin Cunanan

woodworker | @justin_woodworks

Drew Butera stands and looks off camera while dressed in his catcher's gear

Drew Butera

professional athlete | @drewbutera

Kelsey Johns takes aim from a tree stand

Kelsey Johns


Kyle Worley holds up his Workbench Con pass

Kyle Worley

woodworker | @worleyfab

Ashley Tafoya holds her son up in front of a large lake

Ashley Tafoya

Blogger | @betterwithbaylor

Logan Shore winds up to throw a pitch during a baseball game

Logan Shore

professional athlete | @lshore32

Jennifer Pudenz holds up a spotted fish to the camera

Jennifer Pudenz

Adventuress Magazine | @adventuressmagazine

Caitlin Triana is sitting with her dog in a valley with a camera slung over her shoulder

Caitlin Triana

Blogger/Photographer | @girlmeetsmerle

Drake White sings into a microphone with his eyes closed as he plays the guitar

Drake White

musician | @drakewhitestomp

Kari Maddox and a friend stand waist-deep in a river while holding a fish

Kari Maddox

Alaska Fisher | @akkenaigirl

Dan Skipper prepares for the ball to snap during a game of football

Dan Skipper

professional athlete | @bigskippy70

Eren Kim stretches on the floor of a studio

Eren Kim

crossfit athlete | @eren_crossfit

Kurt Benkert prepares to throw a football during a game

Kurt Benkert

professional athlete | @kurtbenkert

Nathan Stupar runs towards the ball carrier during a football game

Nathan Stupar

professional athlete | @thenastynate54

Dustin Payne uses a circular saw to make cuts in wood in his woodshop

Dustin Payne


Thomas Hennessy midstride while running

Thomas Hennessy

professional athlete | @thenny43

Chad Myers crouches next to a coyote he killed with the rifle he also poses with

Chad Myers

hunter | @hevimetal_duckman

Jacob Pearson smiles in his Twins uniform

Jacob Pearson

professional athlete | @j_pearson2

Brent Urban holds his hand up in a victory pose

Brent Urban

Pro Football Player | @urbanlegend96

Chelsie Dugan poses with a large 8-point Mule Deer

Chelsie Dugan

Outdoor influencer | @trackin_scout

Jim Erwin on one knee at a firearms range, wearing hearing protection

Jim Erwin

Special Operations Veteran | @jimthekraken1

Kristen Garzone stands in a field during sunset

Kristen Garzone

marathoner | @mellank

Jacob Heppner smiles and cheers at a competition

Jacob Heppner

crossfit athlete | @jheppner66

Hunter Henry points to the sky in his Chargers jersey during a game

Hunter Henry

pro football player | @hunterhenry86